Ghost in the Machine: Can A.I. Write a Good Book?

Column by Nick Kolakowski
While state-of-the-art algorithms can expertly mimic your voice, they have no idea about story, structure, emotion, or character. Yet...
Los Suelos, CA

"Collective Creative Work Is The Way" — An Interview with Interactive Literary Site Los Suelos, CA

Interview by Gabriel Hart April 7, 2022
Gabriel Hart interviews the creators of the new multi-media interactive literary site benefiting California agricultural workers.

5 Short Speculative Stories with Unusual Formats

Column by Sara Tantlinger
A list featuring 5 short speculative stories with unusual or experimental formatting.
D'urban Moffer

Interview: D'urban Moffer "Tap Into Those Liminal Spaces To Pull Forth The Universal"

Interview by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart interviews D'urban Moffer, author of "American Kashayas" (Expat Press).

Clarity vs. Experimentation: A Letter To Myself

Column by Peter Derk
Does your work have a worthwhile story underneath the experiment? In other words, are you going to pay off the work a reader does to understand what’s going on?

What Comedy Central’s ‘Review’ Can Teach Us About Experimental Narratives

Column by Max Booth III November 24, 2015
At first glance, Comedy Central’s 'Review' is nothing more than another episodic sketch show. But then things get...weird.

The Familiar Volume 1: Where the Hell is Danielewski Going With This?

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 13, 2015
And can he sustain people's interest for twenty-six more volumes?
Dennis Cooper 'Zac's Haunted House'

Dennis Cooper's New Novel is Written in Animated GIF

News by Joshua Chaplinsky January 20, 2015
Dennis Cooper takes the experimental novel to its logical conclusion.

The Fine Line Between Experimental and Crap

Column by Cath Murphy March 5, 2013
Fetch the electrodes and the test tubes, Igor! It's time to perform some literary experiments....