Edit My Paragraph! Episode Six

Column by Gayle Towell November 13, 2014
This column explores the art of editing by giving detailed edits to reader-submitted excerpts.

Path to Publication 3.3: On Editing, And A Little On Blurbs

Column by Rob Hart November 6, 2014
My edits came in—and they were good! I talk a bit about doing the final pass edit on my novel, locking it into place, and moving onto the next thing—as well as a bit about blurbs...

Product Review: GoodNotes

Column by Christopher Shultz
While ostensibly expensive, this is the best PDF reader/annotator for iOS. Editing manuscripts on your iPad has never been this sexy.

The 5 Scariest Grammar Issues: Your Guide to Fearless Writing

Column by Susan DeFreitas October 24, 2014
No matter how accomplished you are as a writer, chances are, there's at least one grammar issue that scares the living bejeezus out of you. Now is the time to slay it once and for all.

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Five

Column by Gayle Towell October 16, 2014
This column explores the art of editing by providing detailed edits of reader-submitted paragraphs.

So You Want to Write a Book, Part 1: Ready, Set, GO!

Column by Leah Rhyne September 25, 2014
In the second installment of So You Want To Write a Book, we talk about the actual mechanics of getting started. Where will you write? How will you format? What else should you do?

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Four

Column by Gayle Towell September 16, 2014
This column explores the art of editing by carefully analyzing paragraphs submitted by readers.

Six Tips for Troubleshooting the Novel

Column by Susan DeFreitas September 10, 2014
Every novel is a special snowflake, sure, but many go wrong in the same ways. An editor breaks down known issues at the level of plot, structure, and characterization she sees over and over again.

Storyville: How to Put Together an Anthology

Column by Richard Thomas June 5, 2014
Tips and information about how to put together an anthology of short stories.

Edit My Paragraph! The Maiden Voyage

Column by Gayle Towell May 19, 2014
In this column, samples of prose submitted by readers are analyzed and edited.

Edit My Paragraph!

Column by Gayle Towell April 15, 2014
This column illustrates editing techniques by offering detailed edits to paragraphs submitted by the readers.

The Rookie's Guide to The LitReactor Writer's Workshop

Column by Brandon Tietz March 4, 2014
Considering joining our workshop but still have questions? Are you intrigued by the idea but aren't sure if this process is for you? Brandon Tietz, one of our alums, is here to provide some answers.

Too Close to Home: The Dangers of Choosing an Editor

Column by Leah Rhyne January 30, 2014
Everyone knows a writer needs a good editor. But what happens when the best editor you know happens to be your spouse?

How Not To Treat Your Editor

Column by Ed Sikov September 12, 2013
Several editors tell their favorite Author Horror Stories. They're harrowing - and humiliating for us.

Questions Every Writer Should Be Asking But Isn't

Column by Erin Reel June 10, 2013
Ten questions emerging writers frequently ask but shouldn't. Important questions writers aren't asking but should.

'Good Sex, Great Prayers': A Journey in Publication (Part 5: Editing and Beta Reading)

Column by Brandon Tietz
The first draft of the novel is now complete. So what's next?

Ask The Agent: When to Nudge Agents, Hiring Editors, and MORE!

Column by Bree Ogden April 29, 2013
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent I’ll explore & dissect a few of the industry’s mysteries, straight from the shoulder.

Cut!: 4 Strategies for Trimming Your Content

Column by Rob Blair Young April 3, 2013
Struggling to make effective cuts? This article walks you through four strategies for trimming, tightening, and focusing your work.

Storyville: Story Dissection - Maker of Flight

Column by Richard Thomas October 4, 2012
Richard dissects another of his short stories, this time, the contest winning, "Maker of Flight."

The Art of the Content Edit: 10 Ways To Make Sure You're Doing It Right

Column by Rob Hart
The proofreading phase is when a book gets pretty--but the content edit is when you really bring the story home. Here's how to do it right.

Getting Over It, Getting It Out: On Embracing A Bad First Draft

Column by Jon Gingerich September 26, 2012
Let's face it: the first draft of anything is going to be awful. That's okay. In fact, here's why it's encouraged.

Storyville: The Horror of Editing and Revision

Column by Richard Thomas August 29, 2012
It's been said that the difference between a good writer and a great writer is editing. So let's hop to it.

Look Like A Genius Without Actually Being One: Eight Formatting Tips And Tricks

Column by Dave Reuss July 31, 2012
Give your baby the best possible chance out there in the world of publishing: here's an inside look at formatting issues that drive editors crazy.

Storyville: Dissection of "Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave"

Column by Richard Thomas May 2, 2012
Richard Thomas dissects one of his short stories, the Pushcart Prize nominated "Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave."

The Path To Publication Part 3: When Is Done, Done?

Column by Rob Hart March 1, 2012
In this installment, I discuss why I haven't been able to meet the self-imposed deadline I set for myself last month!