The Scarlet Plague: Exploring the Historical Influence of Pandemics on Literature

Column by Jay Wilburn
Comparing the literature that came out before & after 1918, we may better understand how our stories might change following the 2020 pandemic & how we might address our experiences during this time.

A Cheat Sheet to the 2019 Booker Prize Longlist Nominations

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
The thirteen candidates for this year's Booker Prize are out. Let's go through them all in our very own nomination cheat sheet.

Screw Your Resolution: 10 Dystopian Beauty Narratives

Column by Leah Dearborn
Whether fully dystopian or just disillusioned, these books will give you the perfect excuse to cancel that gym membership you'll only use for a month anyway.
 Bookshots: 'White City' by Seb Doubinsky

Bookshots: 'White City' by Seb Doubinsky

Review by JS Breukelaar
Seb Doubinsky’s 'White City', the latest in his Babylon series, is a book you’re going to love the third time you read it as much as you did the first. Maybe even more.