Writing the Crime Scene: Winter Forensics

Column by Repo Kempt
A guide to writing realistic crime and horror fiction when your manuscript is set in the winter.

What Makes A Great Financial Thriller?

Column by Martin Bodenham
International thriller author and financial professional Martin Bodenham gives his expert advice.

The Birth of Jace Salome

Column by Trey R. Barker November 20, 2017
Barker sets his protagonist down in a world peppered predominantly with men; men who bulge with maleness and refuse to stop spraying their eau de testosterone everywhere.

Writing the Crime Scene: Murder or Suicide?

Column by Repo Kempt August 11, 2017
Writing a crime scene where a murder is made to look like a suicide? Here's a guide to doing your research and getting the forensic details right.

Book vs. Television: What TV's Sheriff Longmire Is Doing Wrong

Column by David Cranmer August 10, 2017
In an age of emphasis on law enforcement tactics, we take a look at the page to screen evolution of Walt Longmire, with expressed concern for the marshal's cavalier approach to policing.

Halfway There: The Best Books of 2017...So Far

Column by Gabino Iglesias June 14, 2017
2017 is half over. Here are the literary highlights we've gotten so far.

5 Sci-Fi Stories for Crime Writers

Column by Nik Korpon June 5, 2017
What do Crime and Science Fiction stories have in common?

Writing the Crime Scene: Mental Illness

Column by Repo Kempt May 10, 2017
Psychopathic kilers, depressed cops and neurotic detectives. Mental illness is a recurring staple of crime fiction. Here's a guide to doing your research and getting the details right.
Bookshots: 'Every Night I Dream of Hell' by Malcolm Mackay

Bookshots: 'Every Night I Dream of Hell' by Malcolm Mackay

Review by Gabino Iglesias April 12, 2017
The acclaimed author of The Glasgow Trilogy is back in business. The crime business.

5 Comics Every Crime Writer Needs To Read

Column by Repo Kempt
Crime writers can learn a lot about their craft from well-written comic books. Here's five superb crime comics to whet your appetite.

Writing the Crime Scene: Poison

Column by Repo Kempt February 21, 2017
A guide to research and writing when killing your characters with poison.
Bookshots: 'The Dime' by Kathleen Kent

Bookshots: 'The Dime' by Kathleen Kent

Review by Max Booth III
Dallas crime fiction.

Writing the Crime Scene: Gunshot Wounds

Column by Repo Kempt
A guide to writing realistic depictions of gunshot wounds, as well as their treatment and recovery, in crime and horror fiction.

Writing the Crime Scene: Cops Don't Talk Like That!

Column by Repo Kempt October 18, 2016
A guide to researching and writing dialogue for law enforcement characters in crime fiction.
Bracken MacLeod

A Conversation With Bracken MacLeod About Work-For-Hire, Horror Versus Crime, and His New Novel 'Stranded'

Interview by Rob Hart October 5, 2016
Bracken MacLeod talks making the move from crime to horror, and the process of working on a novel that Macmillan pitched to him.
Bookshots: 'Triggerman' by Walter Hill and Matz

Bookshots: 'Triggerman' by Walter Hill and Matz

Review by Bart Bishop
A Review of Walter Hill's new comic book, 'Triggerman', from Titan Comics, in collaboration with crime novel publisher Hard Case Crime, with art by Matz.
Chris Holm

A Conversation With Chris Holm About Editing, Redemption, and His New Novel 'Red Right Hand'

Interview by Rob Hart September 12, 2016
Michael Hendricks, the hitman who hits hitters, is back. To mark the occasion Chris Holm talks a little shop. Specifically, what goes into writing propulsive narratives about bad men.

Writing the Crime Scene: Guns

Column by Repo Kempt September 8, 2016
An article about myths, misconceptions and common mistakes when crime authors write about guns.

Writing the Crime Scene: Dead Bodies

Column by Repo Kempt August 16, 2016
This is a basic guide for crime fiction writers including research tips and links. This months topic is 'dead bodies'.
Bookshots: 'Cannibals' by Jen Conley

Bookshots: 'Cannibals' by Jen Conley

Review by Leah Rhyne August 4, 2016
Jen Conley's Cannibals takes me back to a place I don't want to go...the Pine Barrens.
Interview with Hard Case Crime Founder, Charles Ardai

"I don’t need a second-rate Chandler. I need a first-rate you": An Interview with Hard Case Crime Founder, Charles Ardai

Interview by Max Booth III
Writing a novel in 27 days. Comparing novelizations to novels. What to consider before submitting to Hard Case Crime. Plus - Lawrence Block's lost debut novel rediscovered!

Wanted: 8 of Literature's Most Dangerous Couples

Column by Leah Dearborn February 11, 2016
“Dangerous” depends on your point of view, but these characters generally fit the bill if you're a law-abiding human being with a sliver of common sense.

Blood and Cigarettes: Charlie Huston's Use of Time in the Joe Pitt Casebooks

Column by Bart Bishop
An analysis of Charlie Huston's stylistic handling of time in the Joe Pitt Casebooks.

4 Storytelling Lessons We Can Learn from the Giant Fuckup that was True Detective Season 2

Column by Cath Murphy September 8, 2015
Even Colin Farrell's moustache couldn't save TD2 from being a giant disappointment. We can learn. We can do better.