You’re A Writer, But Is MasterClass Right For You?

Column by Andrea J. Johnson
MasterClass offers numerous courses for aspiring writers. But are such classes worth the investment? This article seeks to address that concern and give you a brief overview of some of the sessions.

Storyville: The Books You Should Read Every Year

Column by Richard Thomas November 11, 2021
Some suggestions on the books writers should read every year.

Five Agents Tell You What You’re Doing Wrong... And How To Do It Right

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Landing the right agent can be the first step in making many of your writing dreams come true, but doing so is harder than people realize. Let these five great agents help you with that.
Blood in the Gears: Chuck Palahniuk on "Consider This" and the Craft of Writing

Blood in the Gears: Chuck Palahniuk on "Consider This" and the Craft of Writing

Interview by Tyler Jones February 12, 2020
An interview with Chuck Palahniuk on his new book of writing advice, "Consider This."
Blood in the Gears: Paul Tremblay on the Craft of Writing

Blood in the Gears: Paul Tremblay on the Craft of Writing

Interview by Tyler Jones January 29, 2020
An interview with Paul Tremblay on the craft of writing.

10 Pieces of Advice Every Writer Should Ignore

Column by Gabino Iglesias December 10, 2019
That thing you read online? Probably wrong. That old rule they told you was sacred? It's bullshit. Let me tell you why unlearning all of it is crucial.

Her Dark Materials: Raising Inner Demons To Craft Complex Villains

Column by Amanda Bender
An analysis of Mrs. Coulter in the recent TV adaptation of "His Dark Materials" shows writers how to craft complex villains.

10 Tips to Help You Write Believable Dialogue

Column by Gabino Iglesias August 2, 2018
Dialogue can make or break a novel. Here are some pointers to help you write better dialogue.

Story Structure: The Magic Bullet that Nearly Killed Me

Column by Matthew Quirk April 13, 2017
Matthew Quirk, author of the newly-released 'Dead Man Switch,' talks about the secret code of storytelling he learned from screenwriting.

The Violence Yet to Come: Breaking Down the 'Taboo' Pilot

Column by Fred Venturini March 31, 2017
A craft-based look at the pilot episode of FX's 'Taboo.'
Chloe Caldwell

A Conversation With Chloe Caldwell About Truth, Sugar Packets, and Her New Collection 'I'll Tell You In Person'

Interview by Rob Hart September 29, 2016
Chloe Caldwell talks about her fantastic new essay collection about love, death, acne, heroin, and growing up.

Broke Hack Mountain: A Recap, and Tips for Planning Your Own Writing Retreat

Column by Rob Hart July 13, 2016
Six writers went into the woods. They all came out with words. Here's what happened. Spoiler alert: Nothing really that crazy, and seriously, why don't writers do this more often?
A Conversation With Ben H. Winters About Racism, Outlining, and His New Novel 'U

A Conversation With Ben H. Winters About Racism, Outlining, and His New Novel 'Underground Airlines'

Interview by Rob Hart July 8, 2016
Ben H. Winters talks about the controversy related to his new novel (or lack thereof), racial appropriation, outlining, and what he's got coming next...
Alex Segura, Comics, Craft, marketing, PR, Writing

A Conversation With Alex Segura About PR, Archie Comics, And His New Novel 'Down the Darkest Street'

Interview by Rob Hart
New dad, PR man, comic editor, mystery writer. How does Alex Segura do it? Find out in his interview!

Eight Tips For Increasing Your Writing Output, From A Very Busy Writer

Column by Rob Hart May 4, 2016
Want to boost your productivity? Rob Hart (author of two novels, two upcoming novels, a James Patterson novella, holder of two jobs, and father to a new baby) offers some insight.
John Skipp

A Couple Of Questions With LitReactor Instructor And 'The Art of Horrible People' Author John Skipp

Interview by Rob Hart August 31, 2015
John Skipp on short stories, his new LitReactor class, and his latest collection: "The Art of Horrible People."

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Chinatown'

Column by Christopher Shultz August 31, 2015
It's considered one of the best screenplays ever written, but why? Let's explore what works (and what doesn't work) about 'Chinatown.'
Interview, Joshua Mohr, Craft, Writing

A Conversation with Joshua Mohr About His New Novel, 'All This Life'

Interview by Rob Hart June 29, 2015
Joshua Mohr—acclaimed author and LitReactor instructor extraordinaire—has a new book out, so him and Rob Hart talked about finding time to write when you have a baby.

I Killed Twenty People (But Not the Dog): 10 Things I Learned Writing HIT, My Violent Teen Assassin Novel

Column by Delilah S. Dawson April 28, 2015
Delilah S. Dawson shares what she learned while writing her latest novel—from the importance of counting clocks to letting the characters say the wrong thing. And why you just don't kill a dog.

Presence on the Page: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

Column by Susan DeFreitas June 6, 2014
What are editors really looking for? A literary critter so elusive, so infrequently and sketchily described, it might as well be Sasquatch.
June's Slate of Writing Workshops: YA, NA, Critique, Character, and Using F

June's Slate of Writing Workshops: YA, NA, Critique, Character, and Using Fact to Support Fiction

News by Rob Hart May 20, 2014
We've got a full slate of classes for June — a little something for everyone.

The Ten Worst Pieces of Writing Advice You Will Ever Hear (and Probably Already Have)

Column by Susan DeFreitas April 11, 2014
When is good advice bad advice? When it doesn't account for the many ways that we learn and grow as writers.

Storyville: Three Essential Books On Writing

Column by Richard Thomas February 10, 2014
Three essential books on writing by Stephen King, Donald Maas and Jeff VanderMeer.

How Journalism Can Help Polish Your Fiction

Column by Troy Farah January 27, 2014
Journalism is an often ignored way to develop strong writing skills. When applied to fiction, the results can be outstanding. Just ask authors like Hemingway and Palahniuk, who were once reporters.

Storyville: 20 Things I've Learned About Writing

Column by Richard Thomas April 24, 2013
Over the past five years I've learned a lot of things about writing — here are 20 of them.