Author Claims 'Frozen' Stole From Her Life in 18 Ways

News by Peter Derk September 30, 2014
A New Jersey woman claims her memoirs were ripped off and turned into the Disney hit 'Frozen'.

What Are Trademarks and Do I Need Them?

Column by Jessica Meddows August 29, 2014
The publishing industry is a complicated legal beast. We've discussed copyright before, and this month, we look at what trademarks are and how you use them.

Writers: Do You Need A Lawyer?

Column by Jessica Meddows April 30, 2014
Published authors will receive a litany of contracts over their career. At what stage do you need a lawyer?

Amtrak Residency Application Terms and Conditions: Proceed With Caution

Column by Jessica Meddows March 11, 2014
After discussion on Twitter and a trial-run with author Jessica Gross, Amtrack opened its residency applications to writers on March 8, 2014. But some of the terms and conditions are a bit curious...

Blogging and the Law: Five Issues You Need To Know

Column by Jessica Meddows January 31, 2014
Most bloggers aren’t aware of the legal issues relevant to blogging, or how to protect themselves adequately from issues arising. This column aims to build awareness on this topic.

Social Media and the Law: What Can You Write and Do You Own Your Content?

Column by Jessica Meddows
There isn't a legal moratorium on social media - laws that apply to writing still apply on channels like Facebook and Twitter. But what can't you say? And what rights do you retain?
Scholars Honour Aaron Swartz By Posting Free Academic PDFs

Scholars Honour Aaron Swartz By Posting Free Academic PDFs

News by Dean Fetzer January 15, 2013
The suicide of the internet activist has caused waves in a number of communities - and scholars around the world are posting free PDF copies of their work in his memory.
james joyce copyright clash

National Library of Ireland, Joyce Scholar Clash Over Copyright Vagueness

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen April 17, 2012
An unclear portion of Ireland's copyright law is keeping some early James Joyce manuscripts in limbo--and away from the public--as one thorny scholar and the National Library wrestle for rights.
Congress can re-copyright public domain

Public Domain Works Can Be Re-Copyrighted By Congress, Supreme Court Rules

News by Rob Hart January 19, 2012
The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Congress can re-copyright works in the public domain--a disappointing ruling, and a potential threat to artistic expression.