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5 Good Comics That Leveled Up To Greatness

Column by Kelly Thompson March 28, 2014
Five things that five good comic books did to level up and become exceptional.

Who Is The Winter Soldier?

Column by BH Shepherd
An intro to the next villain Captain America will face at the movies--the Winter Soldier.
Writer Announced For Third Wolverine, Goyer on Fan Expectation

Comic Movie Roundup: Writer Announced For Third Wolverine, Goyer on Fan Expectations, and Superhero Casting

News by Peter Derk March 26, 2014
What do writers have to say about Batman Vs Superman and the lameness of Marvel's characters?
Harlan Ellison's Original Star Trek Script Gets Graphic Novel Treatment

Harlan Ellison's Original Star Trek Script Gets Graphic Novel Treatment

News by Sean May
Harlan Ellison's controversial 1967 Star Trek teleplay, 'City on the Edge of Forever,' is getting the graphic novel treatment, this time uncensored.
Lena Dunham to Write 4-part Archie Story

Lena Dunham to Write 4-part Archie Story

News by Sean May March 4, 2014
The 'Girls' creator is going to be writing a story about a different set of girls — Betty and Veronica in particular

Guardians of the Galaxy: A Primer

Column by BH Shepherd February 24, 2014
Saw that amazing trailer? Wonder where to start reading? Here's a guide to the Guardians of the Galaxy.
The Fantastic Four, Comics, Film, News

New Fantastic Four Cast Revealed. The Human Torch Is Black. Cue The Outrage In 3... 2... 1...

News by Rob Hart February 20, 2014
The Fantastic Four is getting rebooted — and they've drumming up a little controversy by casting a black actor as The Human Torch...
Aurora Grimeon

A Few Questions With Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchinson, Creators of Aurora Grimeon

Interview by BH Shepherd
An interview with Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchinson, the writer/artist team behind the new graphic novel "Will O' the Wisp: An Aurora Grimeon Story."
Guardians of the Galaxy, News, Film, Comic Books

First 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer Is Wonderfully Weird

News by Rob Hart February 19, 2014
Marvel's foray into space opera gets off to a solid start with a fantastic first trailer.
10 Questions with Sage Stossel

10 Questions with 'Starling' Author Sage Stossel

Interview by Leah Rhyne
Atlantic cartoonist and "Starling" author Sage Stossel sits down with LitReactor to talk writing, graphic novels, and social avoidance super powers.

12 New Comics To Try In 2014

Column by Kelly Thompson January 17, 2014
12 Comics to look out for in 2014!
John Constantine Headed To Small Screen via NBC

DC's Occult Detective John Constantine Headed To Small Screen via NBC

News by Rob Hart January 14, 2014
Don't get excited just yet, though... we haven't told you who's writing it.
Shia LaBeouf: Plagiarist, Jerk, Troll, or All Three?

After Continued Plagiarism Scandals, Shia LaBeouf Retires From Public Life

News by Sean May January 10, 2014
After facing legal action for copying artist Daniel Clowes' work, LaBeouf has responded by...copying Daniel Clowes' work. And then retiring from public life.

Five Failed Attempts to Bring Superheroes to TV

Column by BH Shepherd December 19, 2013
While "Arrow" and "Agents of SHIELD" continue to make a valiant effort, let's take a look back at some of unsuccessful attempts that preceded them.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Produce "Sandman" Movie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Produce "Sandman" Movie

News by Nathan Scalia December 18, 2013
Batman star Joseph Gordon-Levitt announces his intention to produce the Sandman movie, and possibly more...

10 Great Geek Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Column by Kelly Thompson December 13, 2013
10 great gifts for the geeks in your life, from comics to books and beyond.

Bookshots: 'House of Gold & Bones' by Corey Taylor

Column by BH Shepherd
A review of the new graphic novel from Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor.
Visual Language of Comics Has its Roots in the Ice Age

Visual Language of Comics Has its Roots in the Ice Age

News by Dean Fetzer
Comic artist and psychologist Neil Cohn’s new book explores the connections that graphic stories have in the human brain and reveals they have a language we intuitively understand.

Should You Become A Multi-Hyphenate?

Column by Kelly Thompson November 18, 2013
I find myself on unfamiliar ground trying to become a "multi-hyphenate." Am I a fool for trying, especially when I'm barely a non-multi-hyphenate? Let's talk.
Comic Book Series 'Preacher' May Be Headed To AMC

Comic Book Series 'Preacher' May Be Headed To AMC

News by Rob Hart November 18, 2013
AMC has ordered a pilot of the hyper-violent Vertigo comic book series 'Preacher'!

Bill Watterson: A Primer

Column by John Jarzemsky November 14, 2013
A look at the short career of legendary cartoonist Bill Watterson.

5 Scary Comics To Suit Every Predilection

Column by Kelly Thompson October 11, 2013
5 horror comics ranging from subtle to grotesque to suit every Halloween comic need!

Footnotes: The Walking Dead Is What We've Always Been

Column by Ryan Peverly October 10, 2013
If 'The Walking Dead' has taught us one thing, it's that we are what we've always been.

Meet Your Avengers 2 Villain: Ultron

Column by BH Shepherd October 10, 2013
All you need to know about the villain appearing in the next Avengers movie.
Commissioner Gordon

DC Announces New Fox Drama "Gotham," Will Explore Commissioner Gordon's Origins

News by Christopher Shultz September 26, 2013
On the heels of Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" premiere, the other big name comics publisher has revealed their own TV plans.