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Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Produce "Sandman" Movie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Produce "Sandman" Movie

News by Nathan Scalia December 18, 2013
Batman star Joseph Gordon-Levitt announces his intention to produce the Sandman movie, and possibly more...

10 Great Geek Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Column by Kelly Thompson December 13, 2013
10 great gifts for the geeks in your life, from comics to books and beyond.

Bookshots: 'House of Gold & Bones' by Corey Taylor

Column by BH Shepherd
A review of the new graphic novel from Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor.
Visual Language of Comics Has its Roots in the Ice Age

Visual Language of Comics Has its Roots in the Ice Age

News by Dean Fetzer
Comic artist and psychologist Neil Cohn’s new book explores the connections that graphic stories have in the human brain and reveals they have a language we intuitively understand.

Should You Become A Multi-Hyphenate?

Column by Kelly Thompson November 18, 2013
I find myself on unfamiliar ground trying to become a "multi-hyphenate." Am I a fool for trying, especially when I'm barely a non-multi-hyphenate? Let's talk.
Comic Book Series 'Preacher' May Be Headed To AMC

Comic Book Series 'Preacher' May Be Headed To AMC

News by Rob Hart November 18, 2013
AMC has ordered a pilot of the hyper-violent Vertigo comic book series 'Preacher'!

Bill Watterson: A Primer

Column by John Jarzemsky November 14, 2013
A look at the short career of legendary cartoonist Bill Watterson.

5 Scary Comics To Suit Every Predilection

Column by Kelly Thompson October 11, 2013
5 horror comics ranging from subtle to grotesque to suit every Halloween comic need!

Footnotes: The Walking Dead Is What We've Always Been

Column by Ryan Peverly October 10, 2013
If 'The Walking Dead' has taught us one thing, it's that we are what we've always been.

Meet Your Avengers 2 Villain: Ultron

Column by BH Shepherd October 10, 2013
All you need to know about the villain appearing in the next Avengers movie.
Commissioner Gordon

DC Announces New Fox Drama "Gotham," Will Explore Commissioner Gordon's Origins

News by Christopher Shultz September 26, 2013
On the heels of Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" premiere, the other big name comics publisher has revealed their own TV plans.
The Walking Dead, Volume 1

AMC Planning "Walking Dead" Spinoff Series

News by Christopher Shultz September 17, 2013
The new show will exist in the same universe as the comic book, but will have no ties to its storyline.
DC Comics - apologizes Harley Quinn Suicide Contest

DC Comics in Hot Water Over Harley Quinn Suicide Contest - Apologizes

News by Dean Fetzer September 13, 2013
A contest asking for illustrations of “popular villainess Harley Quinn seemingly about to commit suicide while naked”, announced just days before the start of National Suicide Prevention Week.

Book vs. Film: How The Wolverine Masters the Art of Adaptation

Column by BH Shepherd
How The Wolverine pulls off a pitch perfect adaptation.

Return Of Serenity: Dark Horse Comics To Bring Back "Firefly"

News by Nathan Scalia September 4, 2013
The highly popular but short-lived series "Firefly" may be seeing a resurrection as a comic book.
Anti-War Manga Series Restored to School Library After Ban

Anti-War Manga Restored to School Libraries After Ban

News by Dean Fetzer August 28, 2013
Hadashi No Gen, or Barefoot Gen, a classic series based on author Keiji Nakazawa's experiences of the bombing of Hiroshima, was removed from school libraries after being deemed too violent.
Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck Cast As Batman In Man Of Steel 2

News by Christopher Shultz August 23, 2013
The man responsible for some excellent directorial/acting choices (and a few really poor ones) will don the cape and cowl in 2015.
Jughead Zombie

Archie Comics Releasing NOT For All Ages Horror Series

News by Christopher Shultz August 9, 2013
Even the idyllic town of Riverdale cannot escape the zombie apocalypse.
Jamie Foxx and Spawn

Jamie Foxx 'Aggressively Pursuing' Spawn Reboot

News by Christopher Shultz July 30, 2013
The Academy Award-winning star of 'Django Unchained' and the upcoming 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' has his eyes set on another comic book adaptation.

Is 2013 The Year of the Graphic Novel?

Column by Kelly Thompson
The first volume of Marvel's official graphic novel line debuts in October. Will this be a game changer for mainstream comics?

Choose Your New Adventure: The Resurgence of Interactive Storytelling

Column by Kelly Thompson July 12, 2013
A rash of cool projects— and at least one perplexing one— have made "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories all the rage once again. What nostalgic gimmick will be next?
‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ Pilot

Fox Puts ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ Pilot on Schedule

News by Dean Fetzer July 12, 2013
The studio and its network side have committed to an adaptation of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s “widely popular” graphic novels.
Airwolf Comic

80s/90s NBC TV Shows To Resurface as Comic Books

News by Christopher Shultz
Some of your favorite sitcoms and dramas will transition from the TV screen to the illustrated page later this year. Will you read them?
Neil Gaiman Sandman Prequel

In Your Dreams: The Return of The Sandman

News by Nathan Scalia July 3, 2013
Twenty-five years after the end of the series, Neil Gaiman returns to write a Sandman prequel.

Adaptations: Passionate, Not Precious

Column by John Jarzemsky June 26, 2013
Maybe we should be a little more open-minded when it comes to adaptations of stories we love.