Do It Yourself Limited Edition Releases

Column by Jay Wilburn
More and more authors are asking, "Why can't I do this myself?" This includes offering special limited edition releases directly to readers.
Chad Lutzke and Tim Meyer on Writing Collaborative Horror

Chad Lutzke & Tim Meyer on Writing Collaborative Horror

Interview by Andrew Fowlow
"The Book Dad" Andrew Fowlow talks to the authors of "Wormwood" about writing collaborative horror.

Trello for Authors

Column by Jay Wilburn December 18, 2020
Trello is an organizational tool for individuals, teams, and businesses. Does it have any practical uses for authors?

Storyville: How to Collaborate on a Fiction Project

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how to engage in a successful collaborative fiction project with other writers.

Storyville: Finding Original Locations to Set Your Horror Stories

Column by Richard Thomas
How can you find original locations to set your horror stories? Here are a few ideas.

Collaborating with a Dead Hero

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Sometimes in life you get a different version of a dream you didn't even know you had...
Owen King Talks SLEEPING BEAUTIES and Collaborating With His Father

Owen King Talks 'Sleeping Beauties' and Collaborating With His Father

Interview by Max Booth III September 26, 2017
He's also adapting Clive Barker's "The Great and Secret Show" with Josh Boone.

The Insane True Story of How Doctor Wesley Snipes Wrote His First Novel

Column by Max Booth III August 18, 2017
It's an urban fantasy supernatural spiritual thriller.

Find A Buddy: 6 Reasons You Should Co-Write Your Stuff

Column by J. David Osborne July 20, 2017
After spending three years relatively isolated in Oregon, I rediscovered the value of collaboration and co-writing.

Writing Tag Teams: How to Collaborate on a Novel

Column by Max Booth III February 18, 2016
A look into why and how to collaborate on a novel, with advice from some of the best in the business.

From Short Story to Film: How I (Co-)Wrote My First Movie Script

Column by Leah Rhyne May 12, 2015
Taking a short story and turning it into a short film script is even scarier than it sounds...but I lived to tell the tale, and now I'll tell you about it!

hitRECord: Where the Wild Things Are

Column by Joe Daly February 6, 2012
From his visionary and innovative online community, hitRECord, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is changing the way we look at the Internet from "Hey, look at me," to "Hey, let's do this."