Co-writing a Novel: Keys to a Successful Collaboration

Column by Michael David Wilson November 10, 2020
Writing can be lonely work but it doesn't have to be. Here are some key takeaways and lessons learned from a successful collaboration.

Six Lessons I Learned Co-Writing A Novella With James Patterson

Column by Rob Hart October 3, 2017
'New Yorked' and 'The Woman from Prague' author Rob Hart wrote a BookShot novella with James Patterson. 'Scott Free' is out today, and he shared some lessons he learned from the process.
Alex Segura, Co-writing, Rob Hart, Short Stories

Rob Hart and Alex Segura Discuss 'Bad Beat', An Exclusive Digital Short Co-Authored for Polis Books

Interview by Rob Hart November 17, 2015
This January 12th, Polis Books will release 'Bad Beat', a digital short story crossing over Hart's amateur PI Ash McKenna and Segura's investigative reporter Pete Fernandez.