Holiday Reinhorn

5 Questions With Returning LitReactor Instructor, Holiday Reinhorn; 'Embracing The Practice' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart April 13, 2012
Holiday Reinhorn returns to LitReactor to teach her hit class, Embracing the Practice. We posed some questions to her, so you can get a sense of her style, and the class.
Vanessa Veselka Interview

5 Questions With LitReactor's Latest Instructor, Vanessa Veselka; 'Leading With Voice' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart April 4, 2012
Vanessa Veselka's class, LEADING WITH VOICE, is in session on Monday. We've posed five questions to her, about the immediacy of the first-person narrative, and her debut novel 'Zazen.'
Christa Faust

New Class: 'TOUGH DAMES- How To Write Believable Hardboiled Heroines' w/ Christa Faust - Starts March 19th

News by Dennis Widmyer
Announcing a new class w/ Christa Faust: 'TOUGH DAMES: How To Write Believable Hardboiled Heroines,' a 4-week beginner-friendly class starting March 19th.
Christa Faust

Dames Don't Get Tougher Than LitReactor's Latest Instructor, Christa Faust

Interview by Rob Hart March 9, 2012
We're excited to have Christa Faust teaching for us. Here's why you shouldn't miss her class--especially if you love the hardboiled genre, and want to write strong women.
Ed Sikov

Ed Sikov On All You Need To Know About Writing Nonfiction That Sells

February 24, 2012
Mark Vanderpool chats with biographer, film critic, professor, and memoirist, Ed Sikov about his upcoming 5 week intensive for LitReactor: 'Charming with the Truth.'
A of Couple Questions with Joshua Mohr

A Couple of Questions with Joshua Mohr

February 9, 2012
To get to know the man behind the desk a little better, Mark Vanderpool, our Director of Education here at LitReactor, fired off a few questions to Joshua.

Craig Clevenger Asks Crime Fiction Instructor, David Corbett, Three Questions!

Column by Craig Clevenger January 13, 2012
In anticipation of our upcoming 8-wk master class with award winning writer, David Corbett, friend and fellow author Craig Clevenger shoots him three questions on the subject of crime fiction.