Unprintable: The LitReactor Podcast Episode 33 - S.A. Cosby

Every episode, Unprintable will take a thoughtful look at books, the publishing industry, reading, writing, and more; featuring your host Robb Olson, as well as the periodic know-it-all geekery of LitReactor Class Director Rob Hart and Managing Editor Joshua Chaplinsky.

If you haven’t heard about S.A. Cosby lately, you’re just not listening. He’s got award nominations, he’s hitting all the lists, and he’s burning up social media with his books Backtop Wasteland and Razorblade Tears.

Rob Hart is LitReactor’s own Head of the Class, and his highly anticipated book The Paradox Hotel is on the cusp of being released (2/22/22 - who could ask for a better release date!?) 

What do these two guys have in common? A lot, it seems. Turns out they’re friends going waaay back, so it’s only natural to get them together in front of some microphones and see what happens. What happened was your host, Robb Olson, didn’t have to speak at all for the first half of the episode! But the guys did fine on their own, talking about what inspired their books, some of the challenges they’ve faced, and the successes they’ve experienced. Also, lots of talk about drinking with a fella named Todd Robinson.

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     2:08 - Rob & Shawn remember talking about The Paradox Hotel and Razorblade Tears before the books
               were finished
     7:06 - Rob and Shawn talk about writing characters from perspectives that aren’t their own
   15:28 - Rob and Shawn talk about the author’s responsibility to do research on what they’re writing
   17:33 - Rob and Shawn talk about criticism of their books' content, and reader prejudices
   20:02 - Rob talks about his inspiration for The Paradox Hotel
   26:49 - Shawn and Rob talk about instances of Rob’s book The Warehouse coming very close to reality
   29:18 - Rob and Shawn talk about the having their work adapted for TV/Film
   34:45 - Rob acknowledges that the host hasn’t spoken yet really at all
   35:13 - Robb quotes a poignant moment in Razorblade Tears, Shawn responds
   41:03 - Robb quotes a poignant moment in The Paradox Hotel, Rob responds
   45:46 - Robb congratulates Shawn for his Edgar nomination, Shawn & Rob talk about how their success feels
   53:18 - Rob and Shawn talk about how spending time with their writing friends is important, and book
               promotion during a pandemic
1:00:49 - Shawn talks about his upcoming Audible project, Brokedown Prophets, writing in non-novel formats
1:11:16 - Thanks and goodbyes

Your Hosts This Episode:

Robb Olson was one of the creators and hosts of the podcast Booked., a literary podcast of book reviews and author interviews. He was an editor and publisher of The Booked Anthology. He briefly wrote a horror TV column for This Is Horror, and guested on the This is Horror podcast several times, as well as one time on Unprintable - the LitReactor podcast, for which he is now the permanent host.

Rob Hart is the class director at LitReactor. He also wrote The Warehouse, which sold in more than 20 languages and was optioned for film by Ron Howard. Other titles include the Ash McKenna crime series, and Scott Free with James Patterson. His next novel, The Paradox Hotel, is due from Ballantine. Find more at www.robwhart.com.

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