Unprintable: The LitReactor Podcast Episode 22 - Meet the New Hosts

Every episode, Unprintable will take an irreverent look at books, the publishing industry, reading, writing, and more; featuring the know-it-all geekery of LitReactor Review Editor Cath Murphy, Education Director Rob Hart, Managing Editor Joshua Chaplinsky, Class Facilitator Renee Asher Pickup, and Columnist Brandon Tietz.

Episode 22 - Meet the New Hosts

Last episode we told you about the two new members of the Unprintable crew, now this episode you get to meet them. If you've been hanging around the site at all, you probably know them already: Class Facilitator Renee Asher Pickup and Columnist Brandon Tietz. Like I said last time, both come power-packed with bookish knowledge for you to absorb. After a quick introduction by Cath, they promptly start dropping hot dollops of said knowledge.

News: This shouldn't come as news, but publishers should NEVER ask authors to buy copies of their own book. Still, it seems certain presses are trying to pull a proverbial fast one on unsuspecting newbies. A vanity press by any other name...

Reads: Cath finally scores a copy of The Silent History, Brandon is about to read Star Wars: Aftermath, and Renee reads age-appropriate comics to her kid.

Topic: Poetry for Dummies. Should you dumb it down for the masses? (Hint: the answer is "no".)

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Your Hosts This Episode:

Cath Murphy Cath Murphy is the Review Editor for LitReactor, and together with Eve Harvey, blogs and podcasts at Domestic Hell and Vulpes Libris.

Renee Asher Pickup Renee Asher Pickup is a class facilitator at LitReactor, as well as a writer and editor at Dirge Magazine. Her fiction has been published in places like All Due Respect magazine, Out of the Gutter Online, Pantheon Magazine, and the Solarcidal Tendencies anthology. Renee credits Stephen King with making her want to write and From Dusk Til Dawn with making her want to do it for a living. More at www.reneeasherpickup.com.

Brandon Tietz Brandon Tietz is a columnist for LitReactor, and the author of Out of Touch and Good Sex, Great Prayers. His short stories have been widely published, appearing in such anthologies as Warmed and Bound, Spark, and Burnt Tongues, which was co-edited by Chuck Palahniuk and Richard Thomas. Visit him at www.brandontietz.com.

Special thanks to Gordon Highland for the intro and musical cues. Visit him at gordonhighland.com.

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Chacron's picture
Chacron from England, South Coast is reading Fool's Assassin by Robin Hobb October 22, 2015 - 3:03pm

Thanks guys, good podcast! Renee and Brandon, you've both got cool voices, I could have listened to at least another of you two....and I really need to read this star wars book; it's appearing on blogs all over the place right now, and I'm not bothered about the reset because the other books never appealed to me....funny how this one does because I want to see what 1 star reviewers are whinging about.

Flycatcher's picture
Flycatcher from Singapore is reading Vintage book of contemporary American short stories, American Psycho October 26, 2015 - 3:10am

Lol I read the books reviews, even without reading the reviews I know most of them were talking out of their asses. 80% of the reviews were asinine comments about the voice he used in the book.

"Present tense isn't suitable for sci-fi."

"Chuck Wendig writes like a high school sophomore trying to impress. Why does he use so many sentence fragments."

"Cormac McCarthy can use sentence fragments cause he's good."

"Chuck Wendig needs to go back to school and learn English."

Flipped through a few pages of his book and there was nothing wrong with his prose. You had people who took one sentence where he used adverbs and then copy pasted that sentence everywhere. Look adverbs! Therefore bad writing! 

Natso's picture
Natso from Mongolia is reading Moby Dick October 26, 2015 - 11:45pm

I hear Chuck Wendig's Star Wars has a scene where Han Solo gets a, uh, colonoscopy. Anyone who read it can confirm or deny this?