Yet Another Gorgeous Trailer for Ben Wheatley's 'High Rise'

Yet Another New Trailer for Ben Wheatley's 'High Rise'

Magnet Releasing has, uh, released yet another trailer for Ben Wheatley's cinematic adaptation of J.G. Ballard's classic novel, High Rise. And this thing is so gorgeous I say, keep 'em coming. Wheatley hasn't made a not-awesome movie yet. Close your mouth and check it out.

They've also released a sexy new poster to go along with it, full of 70s panache. I can't wait. Can you wait? I can't wait.

Image of High-Rise: A Novel
Author: J. G. Ballard
Price: $11.64
Publisher: Liveright (2012)
Binding: Paperback, 208 pages
Jacey Cockrobin

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