Want To Write Romance? This Is Your Big Chance

Harlequin sponsors a romance novel contest

Via Publishers Weekly

Do you harbor dreams of writing bodice rippers? If so, why? But also, you should probably head over to So You Think You Can Write.

It's an online conference hosted by Harlequin, the world's biggest publisher of romance novels. Despite boasting 1,300 active published writers, they're always looking for new talent. The conference also includes a manuscript contest--with a publishing contract as the prize.

Harlequin first held this online conference last year, although it didn't have the manuscript contest attached to it. Still, about 800 writers submitted work, and Harlequin picked up 25 of them. With the additional carrots they're dangling, they're expecting even more participants this year. 

The conference runs from Nov. 7th to the 11th, offering interactive assignments and input from editors, who evaluate things like writing samples and queries from participants. So, yes, this is the last day of the conference, but the manuscript contest is open until Dec. 15. 

Oh, what, you're too good to write romance novels? According to the Romance Writers of America, romance fiction generated $1.358 billion in sales in 2010. Yes, billion. Adopting a pen name and churning out a few doesn't seem like such a bad idea now, does it? 

Anyway, one of the LitReactor editors told me I'd score points if I worked the term "throbbing member" into this story. And I couldn't figure out a way to do it, except that I just did. Happy Friday!

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