Wanna Boost Your Child’s IQ? Read to Them!

Reading to a child raises his or her IQ by 6 points

Everyone wants their kids to be smart, right? Well, according to new conclusions published by a team of researchers in Perspectives on Psychological Science, the act of reading to your child in an “interactive” fashion can boost his or her IQ by over 6 points. That means not just reading, but asking questions and getting the child to follow along as you read.

The article, entitled “How to Make a Young Child Smarter: Evidence From the Database of Raising Intelligence” was based on the findings of 8 different studies looking at childhood development and concentrated on “interactive reading with kids”.

The journal article described the best reading practices: “experimenters provided parents both with books and with a training program for effective reading with their children— teaching them how to ask open-ended questions, encourage their children to read, shadow their children’s interests, and so on … In each of these interventions, children and their parents engage with storybook reading in an interactive way. The child is an active participant in the reading, with the adult encouraging the child to be as elaborate as possible.”

That sounds easy enough. I know reading’s made a difference to me — whether my IQ’s higher by those points, I don’t know, but I have picked up quite a few things through reading and by being read to.

Gonna give it a try? You can find books to read with your kids via GalleyCat’s samples of the American Library Association’s annual ALA Youth Media Award winners.

Dean Fetzer

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