The Late David Carr's Memoir Sells Out on Amazon

The Late David Carr's Memoir Sells Out on Amazon

David Carr, the infamous New York Times columnist, sadly passed away last Thursday from complications due to lung cancer.

Since his untimely death his memoir, The Night of the Gun: A Reporter Investigates the Darkest Story of His Life. His Own, has sold an unprecedented number of copies, leading to list the paperback edition of the book as temporarily out of stock.

A synopsis of the memoir, as found on Amazon, is as follows:

Do we remember only the stories we can live with? The ones that make us look good in the rearview mirror? In The Night of the Gun, David Carr redefines memoir with the revelatory story of his years as an addict and chronicles his journey from crack-house regular to regular columnist for The New York Times. Built on sixty videotaped interviews, legal and medical records, and three years of reporting, The Night of the Gun is a ferocious tale that uses the tools of journalism to fact-check the past. Carr’s investigation of his own history reveals that his odyssey through addiction, recovery, cancer, and life as a single parent was far more harrowing—and, in the end, more miraculous—than he allowed himself to remember.

The Night of the Gun has reached number one on Amazon’s bestseller list in multiple categories.

A revered journalist by trade, Carr’s sudden passing is mourned by many across the globe. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

What are your feelings on this media icon’s memoir now that he has passed? Who are your favorite deceased authors that you feel deserve to be honored postmortem?

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