Street Fighter Meets G.I.Joe, TMNT Meet Batman, And Other New, Launching Comics

Batman Meets TMNT

Amid announcements about movies and limited-edition vinyl statues of characters with empty, soulless eyes, new comic titles were announced at San Diego Comic Con. You can read the complete list here, or check out these highlights:

Rom The Space Knight:
Before we get sarcastic about titles coming out, they are re-launching Rom! Again, no sarcasm, just excitement. How has the idea of a robot space knight never caught on? I've never wanted three words to go together so badly. Astronaut Giraffe Accountant? Forget it. Chimpanzee Cyborg Samurai? Okay, that one's pretty close.

Helmed by Joss Whedon, we get a character being described as a female, Victorian Batman. No word if Kate Beaton is involved, but damn it, she should be.

Our pal Chewy is trapped on a world he never made! And it sounds like he's going to help out a "young girl in need." Is this the Chewbacca romance we've been craving? Or, more likely and more disappointingly, is it Chewy doing a rescue thing? I wish it was the romance. "Chew-Chew. Arms are for hugging. Not tearing off."

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Because why not? Batman already fought Spawn. And the aliens from Aliens. And he regularly fights a guy who goes by the moniker "The Penguin", which is ridiculous until you realize his actual name is Oswald Cobblepot. Personally, I was against the crossover until I imagined Batman eating a slice of pizza with his cowl on.

Back To The Future
Oh yeah! That's happening. It's being written by Bob Gale, screenwriter from the original Back To The Future trilogy. So we can definitely expect Marty will be busy avoiding come-ons from relatives and hopefully avoiding the old west.

In all seriousness, keep an eye out for Department H, Twilight Children, Clean Room, Parisian White, and Adventureman to be burning up the charts later this year. 

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