People Love Libraries, Rarely Visit Them

People Love Libraries, Rarely Visit Them

A recent Pew study shows that people are pretty into libraries. They want literacy activities for kids, they want access to educational materials. They want to learn to use technology. 2/3 of Americans polled said that library closures would change their communities dramatically.

And yet.

Fewer than half of those surveyed visited a library or bookmobile within the last year, a decrease since 2012. Circulation, wi-fi use, and access of digital materials all dropped since the last survey in 2012.

It's a known fact that libraries were busy in 2012. The economic crisis in the United States didn't loosen its steely, very broke grip until 2013 when indicators showed we were in recovery mode. And as many know, the library, as a resource for free entertainment, education, and internet, becomes a very popular place when people are looking to tighten their belts.

And while support for libraries, as a concept, seems to be riding high, their actual use has gone down.

What can libraries do to salvage this relationship? 

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