Nine-Year-Old Blurbs Alan Moore's New Book

Nine-Year-Old Blurbs Alan Moore's New Book

It started when a nine-year-old kid was given a school assignment: write to a favorite author.

Dear Alan Moore

I am writing because I want to know more about your comics including V for Vendetta, Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Swamp Thing. I also want to say thank you for making such amazing graphic novels and how did you make such wonderful things?

The first book I saw was V for Vendetta which has a brilliant storyline and is very cool when he blows up Parliament. I also love his awesome mask. Watchmen was the second, so far the best book I have ever seen - Rorschach is my favourite character, then Dr. Manhattan, lastly the Comedian. I like the way he uses a flamethrower as a cigar lighter and a smiley face for a badge. My third favourite was the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I like the way it’s more like a book because it has lots of writing in it and I also like the things that they have collected. All in all you are the best author in human history. Please write back.

Moore then responded with a 1,300 word response, which started with an apology:

I apologise if this reply is a bit short...

And since receiving the letter in 2013 (which included a drawing of V from V For Vendetta) Moore has decided to use the letter's final lines as a blurb for his new book, Jerusalem, Moore's novel of over 1,000,000 words, which comes out September 13, 2016.

Moore spoke to the kid on other issues, and his letter is a treasure trove of advice.

On Aging: 

I’m really pleased that you’ve enjoyed so much of my stuff, and especially because most of my readers these days are people almost as old as I am.

On Getting Started:

I’m glad they’re still enjoyable today, and as for how I wrote them...well, I suppose I’d have to say that I started out, when I was your age or a little younger, by being simply in love with comics or books that were full of brilliant ideas that set my imagination on fire.

On Libraries:

As well as writing and drawing, I was also reading as much as I could about the things that interested me...this is why libraries are so important...whether that be in books or comics or any other medium that I could get my hands on.

On Writing, In General:

I think that one of the most important things for any artist or writer is that they should always be progressing and trying new things, because that is what will keep your work feeling fresh and lively to your readers even after twenty or thirty years. Yes, it means that you have to work harder, and to think harder, and to generally keep pushing yourself and testing your limits, but in my opinion the results are definitely worth it.

On Being The Best Author In History:

Thanks again for a great letter, and thanks for calling me the best author in human history, which I don’t necessarily agree is completely true but which I may well end up using as a quote on the back of one of my books someday.

And The Great Signoff:

Alan Moore
(Best Author in Human History. In your face, Shakespeare, Joyce and Cervantes!)

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