Love It Or Hate It, Free Comic Book Day Is Saturday

This coming Saturday is the first Saturday in May, and that means Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Book Day started in 2002, and since then the goal has remained the same: get more people inside their local brick and mortar comic shop.

For some retailers, the free approach works. For others, it's not so great.

Walt Flanagan, star of Comic Book Men and operator of Jay And Silent Bob's Secret Stash, had a classic Free Comic Book Day rant on his podcast, Tell 'Em Steve Dave, back in 2011.


This is what happens every Free Comic Book Day. It's always in the spring, and just like always happens in the spring, a fucking sack of fucking termites is unleashed...and these termites come out of the woodwork and come into the store, a billion of them, and all they're looking for is free shit.

It's a great listen, just so long as you don't mind being compared to an insect here and there. Get over yourself and have a laugh at the insider's view of Free Comic Book Day.

And for my fellow termites, you can find retailers near you at this site, and you can find a full list of the comics available on Saturday here. Swarm away!


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