Let’s Save LitReactor - Campaign Update

Let’s Save LitReactor - Campaign Update

First of all, THANK YOU!

We are humbled by all the support shown to LitReactor during our fundraising campaign. Thanks to this amazing community, we have raised over $25,000 so far! These funds will help LitReactor get back on track and allow us to explore site improvements.

We’d love to hit (or even break) our goal of $30,000, and we've got 12 days left. We've added a few new perks to the Indiegogo campaign that we’re pretty excited about! 

  • A poetry critique from Bram Stoker award-winning poet and LitReactor instructor Stephanie Wytovich
  • A script critique from Brian Asman, writer and director of Reel Trouble, and co-writer/producer of the film A Haunting in Ravenwood
  • Manuscript proofreading and grammar help from Taylor Houston, instructor for the Grammar 101 class

We have some other great perks that are still available (hurry—they WILL sell out!):

  • A signed UK edition of Razorblade Tears by New York Times bestseller S.A. Cosby
  • A signed hard copy of Paradox Bound by Peter Clines
  • A signed hard copy of The Broken Room by Peter Clines
  • A signed paperback of Pearl by Josh Malerman
  • A signed UK limited hardcover edition of Malorie, the sequel to Bird Box, by Josh Malerman
  • A short story critique from Patrick Wensink, author of Broken Piano for President and Fake Fruit Factory
  • A literary dinner in New York City with Rob Hart and his publishing colleagues

There are also plenty of LitReactor stickers left!

Of course, any amount you can offer will make a difference. Your support allows LitReactor to continue promoting indie lit and offering classes with our incredible roster of instructors.

Thank you, again, to those who have donated and to all who have spread the word about the campaign. We've loved reading all the messages of support that have showed up on our social media accounts. 

Taylor Houston

News by Taylor Houston

Taylor Houston is a genuine Word Nerd living in Portland, OR where she works as a technical writer and volunteers on the marketing committee for Wordstock, a local organization dedicated to writing education. She has a BA in Creative Writing and Spanish from Hamilton College and attended Penn State's MFA program in Creative Nonfiction. She has taught writing at all levels from middle school to college to adult, and she is the creator of Writer’s Cramp, a class for adults who just want to write!

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li7chang's picture
li7chang August 4, 2022 - 3:29am

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DW Nathan's picture
DW Nathan August 4, 2022 - 6:26am

If the site is having financial problems, the first step may be to bring in a bigger audience. Start engaging with the readers. I often see comments left under articles with no response. Are the writer's of the article too busy to respond? Why even give people the ability to leave comments if no one will respond?

Also, maybe put out a Litreactor book. A good example would be the Litreactor Guide to Self Publishing a Horror Novel. Go through the site and find all the best articles relating to horror writing, starting from idea conception all the way to the self publishing process. Collect those articles and put them in a book. I understand there could be some issues with all the different writers and rights to use their words in a different medium than what was originally intended, but maybe if you put 100% of the proceeds towards the site, then the writers (if it's even a issue with them) would be more open to the idea. 

Turning a book like that into an audiobook would be even better. It would costs a lot more, but it could be something the fans would enjoy the hell out of. 

And please, remind people to tell their friends about this site. Tell them that if you know someone that likes to write crazy things, and is looking for a like-minded community, they should be here. That this is their tribe. Provide them resources to fuel their passions. Include your audience. Every week should be a Q and A article available on the main page. Let the audience send in questions and see if one of your writer's is willing to answer. 

There's a million more ways to raise this site back up and make the fans excited about it.