January Book Club Selection: 'As A Machine & Parts' by Caleb J. Ross

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A new year dawns, and with years come those things called months.  And each month, here at LitReactor, we celebrate reading with a new selection in our Book Club! While we focus on big and popular books some of the time, we also like to highlight success stories from our Workshop.  And one of those successes is Caleb J. Ross. Hell, the guy's on our coveted Alumni page!  

For January, we will be reading and discussing Caleb's new book As A Machine & Parts.

Here's the way this works, folks: Pete Goutis, our ace in the hole from ChuckPalahniuk.net, has stepped back up to the plate to fill the role of Book Club moderator and will be leading the online discussion for this selection. 

Discussion for As A Machine & Parts will kick off on January 15th, but you should pick up the book and start reading ASAP!  (We've provided a handy link below). Once you're locked and loaded, you can announce your presence in the Book Club. (No invitation needed!)  That thread is where all discussion about the book will go down.

So head on over to announce your involvement.

And purchase Caleb's book HERE.

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