EXCLUSIVE: Polis Books Announces ‘Lockdown: Stories of Terror, Crime, and Hope During a Pandemic’ Charity Anthology

Polis Books Announces ‘Lockdown: Stories of Terror, Crime, and Hope During a Pan

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, we’re living in scary times. And like many a scary time before it, we’re often turning to fiction both to make some sense of our chaotic reality, and to give us some entertainment during turbulent times. On social media, references to Stephen King’s “The Stand” and nonfiction books about the 1918 pandemic abound (just the other day, not one but two friends referenced John M. Barry’s “The Great Influenza”). 

COVID-19 has forced bookstores across the country to shut their doors for an undetermined length of time, and booksellers across the globe have their livelihoods threatened. It’s heartbreaking to see iconic bookstores such as the Strand in New York City or Powell’s in Portland, among many, close their doors; it’s equally shattering when smaller stores must close down operations in order to ride out this viral storm.

So we decided to do something that would address both the current need for fiction, and hopefully help out booksellers in the process. On June 16th, Polis Books will publish “LOCKDOWN: Stories of Terror, Crime, and Hope During a Pandemic,” edited by Nick Kolakowski and Steve Weddle. This anthology will gather some of the finest suspense, horror, and crime authors writing today. LOCKDOWN takes place against the background of a nationalized lockdown in response to a (fictional) virus, which mutates rapidly as it jumps from person to person. Cities are under martial law. The skies are clear as all planes are grounded. Some people panic, while some go to heroic lengths to save those they love—and others use the chaos as an opportunity to engage in purest evil. From New York City to the Mexican border, from the Deep South to the misty shores of Seattle, their characters are fighting for survival against incredible odds. 

Most importantly, all proceeds from sales of LOCKDOWN will go to BINC, the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit that assists booksellers in need. Stay safe. Stay clean. Stay distanced. We hope you’ll pick up a copy of LOCKDOWN in either paperback or ebook. Give yourself some great entertainment—and support a worthy cause at the same time.

Here’s the list of amazing writers joining us on this journey:

  • Hector Acosta
  • Scott Adlerberg
  • Gemma Amor
  • Ann Davila Cardinal
  • V. Castro
  • Jen Conley
  • Terri Coop
  • Sean Cosby
  • Alex DiFrancesco
  • Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason
  • Rob Hart
  • Gabino Iglesias 
  • Nick Kolakowski
  • Angel Luis Colon
  • Richie Narvaez
  • Cina Pelayo
  • Renee Asher Pickup
  • Eryk Pruitt
  • Johnny Shaw
  • Steve Weddle

June 2020. Pre-order LOCKDOWN here… and keep washing those hands…

Joshua Chaplinsky

News by Joshua Chaplinsky

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This is awesome! Will totally get this!