Exclusive Book Trailer: 'The Stud Book' by Monica Drake

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Exclusive Book Trailer: 'The Stud Book' by Monica Drake

Sometimes, there seems to be baby fever in the air. It's like your friends are...well, like rabbits, popping out babies left and right. For Sarah, one of the protagonists of Monica Drake's newest novel, The Stud Book, she gets a double dose of the fever, seeing her friends effortlessly bring children into the world while she works at a zoo in Portland watching rabbits do the same thing. All the while she's unable to have children of her own.

In this trailer, exclusive to LitReactor, we get a glimpse into Sarah's life and a glimpse into The Stud Book, a novel Chuck Palahniuk said was "so funny it could make a dog laugh."

Check out the trailer, and afterwards check out The Stud Book for more laughs, and, of course, more rabbits.

And for more on cinematic book trailers, check out Red 14's website.

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Taylor's picture
Taylor from Portland, Oregon is reading 'Beastie Boys Book' February 12, 2014 - 1:53pm

I can't wait to read this book. I loved Clown Girl, and since I'm now one of those "Portland Moms", it seems like a prerequisite for continuing to call PDX home.

Also can't wait to see her read in Seattle at the end of the month!