Chuck Palahniuk Launches "Plot Spoiler" Substack

Chuck Palahniuk Launches "Plot Spoiler" Substack

Howdy, Palahniuk fans.

Are you jonesing for weekly content direct from the man himself? Exclusive fiction, too out there for prime time? More writing lessons in the vein of his wonderful memoir/how-to, Consider This? Lurid backstory and behind-the-scenes dirt?

Look no further. 

Well, just a little further, to PLOT SPOILER, Chuck's brand new Substack newsletter. 

Don't know what Substack is? C'mon, people! You're hipper than that! It's an online platform for subscription newsletters that allows writers to connect directly to fans and provide exclusive content. 

So what kind of content can we expect from Chuck?

FREE posts featuring writing advice, anecdotes about book tours, ephemera related to writing, his vision for the newsletter, writing prompts, and topics for discussion.

Not enough, you say? Now for the really exciting part. On October 27th, Chuck will launch the serialized novel Greener Pastures. It will run free of charge for two weeks, offering the first three chapters. Beyond that point the novel will offer a chapter each week for paid subscribers.

Subscribers will also get new short stories from Chuck (quote: "Really troubling ones") and other, subscriber only posts. He'll also be posting the best stories by his students.

And for the Palahniuk fan who absolutely must have it all, there is a special Founding Member subscription plan, which offers cool, personalized shit, and any other perks Chuck decides to invent. As anyone who's been on the receiving end of a Palahniuk care package can attest, the man knows how to treat his fans.

Chuck's first post, titled "Here We Go Again," is now live! So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for PLOT SPOILER now!

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I'm subscribed, and it's 100% worth it.