Book Discovery Site Uses Facebook to Recommend Your Friend’s Books

NextReads Uses Facebook to Recommend Books

Already a member of Goodreads? Facebook? Well, you might want to think about joining a new site which uses your Facebook friends’ favorite books to suggest customized recommendations and lets you know when that book is on sale for half price on Amazon. Sounds good, right? Well, NextRead does all that. All you have to do is log in with your Facebook login and start getting suggestions.

It’s a self-funded startup from California which has been in development for a year and launched quietly in July. As you can see from this quote from the press release, the founders are keen on giving users a good deal on books their friends like.

Nextread creates a new and unique book discovery service for readers by helping users pick books based on both their social network *and* price. Ebook price wars are heating up and it has also been widely reported that deep discounts on books have had a huge impact on book buying. We are proving that price combined with social discovery will have a huge impact on book selection…Our combination of social discovery and price monitoring is unique in the book business and one we’re excited to share with users.

The site is optimised for mobile devices and offers some functionality like Goodreads in the form of user-curated lists as well as the chance to share your comments and your own tastes. What’s different is the bookstore-like interface and exclusive email notices when a book you’re interested in is deeply discounted on Amazon. The site is based in Sausalito, California and although you can sign up outside the U.S., it looks like it only works with, which could be a problem if you’d rather use Amazon UK or another alternative. Sound interesting? I may try it just to see what happens…

Dean Fetzer

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Amanda Roberts from Hunan, China is reading American Gods August 8, 2013 - 9:12pm

Very cool. Thanks for sharing!