Barnes & Noble’s Nook Now Available in the U.K.

Nook Now Available in the U.K.

Despite the year-long presence of Amazon and Kobo devices, Barnes & Noble just began selling their Nook eReader in the U.K., GalleyCat reports. The Simple Touch and Simple Touch GlowLight, the company’s introductory models, run for £79 and £109, respectively.

The Simple Touch’s price matches that of Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, according to ZDNet. Customers can also pre-order the Nook HD and HD+ tablets– B&N’s answer to the Kindle Fire line– both of which go on sale in November.

In addition to B&N’s U.K. website and several retailers in the country, customers can purchase Nooks at supermarket chain Asda, who will cease selling Kobo eReaders and offer Nooks exclusively in more than 300 stores.

It’s clear Barnes & Noble aims to compete with Amazon, Kobo and Apple, but their efforts might be too-little, too-late. As previously mentioned, Kindles and other devices were introduced to the U.K. market last year, while iPads date back to 2010. Websites like CNET and Engadget love Kindles for their low prices, simple user interface, and vast book selection. And though for some reason it’s tricky to find concrete evidence of this, Amazon’s eReader out-sells its competitors across the globe. The Nook entering so late in the game is a bit like a transfer student vying for Homecoming Queen against the most popular girl in school. 

Anyone else want to weigh in? Is this a good move for Barnes & Noble? Anyone prefer a Nook to other devices? Hate them all and favor good old paper and ink?

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Dwayne from Cincinnati, Ohio (suburbs) is reading books that rotate to often to keep this updated November 2, 2012 - 4:40am

Although entering that late is less then ideal, it isn't a win/lose question. They just need to sell enough to turn a profit. For every Coke there are who knows how many RCs and Faygos.