Amazon Denied .amazon Domain Name

Amazon Denied .amazon Domain Name

Amazon were recently denied access to .amazon, on the grounds that the domain name might be better suited for nations boasting the actual geographic region, Melville House's Dustin Kurtz reports.

In fact, a letter sent to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (or ICANN) by Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Chile, amongst others, may have swayed the decision. They wrote:

'.amazon’ is a geographic name that represents important territories of some of our countries, which have relevant communities, with their own culture and identity directly connected with the name. Beyond the specifics, this should also be understood as a matter of principle.

Now, this 'matter of principle' makes things a little hairy. Let's turn to Dustin Kurtz for a far better explanation than I could provide:

The principle the South American nations are referring to is, as I understand it, a little known agreement from the early days of Arpanet that in the case of a governmental disagreement, anyone who could best a region’s most dangerous wildlife in unarmed combat was welcome to that region’s domain name. The protocol hasn’t often been used since the gory events of June 1998, when one intrepid developer hoped to claim .yukon for his online baked potato delivery service.

So, if I'm understanding this correctly (and I'm probably not), if the U.S. and Amazon could successfully wipe all the rain forests clean of wildlife, we would clearly deserve the .amazon domain name. That's quite a lot like challenging someone to a duel, no?

Whatever the crazy law might actually mean, our government didn't exactly fight on Amazon's behalf, and really, it's to the company's benefit. I mean, who wants to go shop for books at

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Alex Hurst's picture
Alex Hurst July 25, 2013 - 6:22am

Watch them go with .amz instead. I can see why they might have wanted it for or, but really, the tag's just too long anyway. (And yeah, that whole thing about the Amazon rainforest and territories deserving it more.)