Photography Book on Cosplay Seeks Funding Via Kickstarter

Cosplay in America
image courtesy Ejen Chuang, Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign hopes to provide an inside view into the world of cosplay via a photography book, GalleyCat reports. It's called Cosplay in America, and it was created by Ejen Chuang as a way to profile not only cosplayers, but their intricate methods of creating perfect costumes, as well as the history of the movement. He said of the project:

The process of cosplay doesn't get covered often. This next book will be a collection of behind-the-scenes photographs as well as portraits. We may see cosplayers trek to the hardware store to find the right PVC pipe for a prop. We might watch the search for the proper fabric for a costume. Whether cosplayers are spray painting under the hot sun or hunched over a sewing machine at midnight, I want to document it.

Chuang hopes to raise $35,000 for Cosplay in America. With only 15 days left, he still has about $14,000 to go. I'd personally like to see this book hit the shelves, so if you agree, let's get this thing funded. You can donate here. And check out Chuang's pitch video:

Any cosplayers out there? Are you excited to see a book detailing your passion?

Christopher Shultz

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Robbie Blair's picture
Robbie Blair from lots of places is reading a whole stack of books July 29, 2013 - 1:56pm

Cool project. And I can see why you'd need some new original photos to document the creation process. But given how much work has already been done on cosplay photography---and how willing cosplayers are to share this hobby---and the low cost of most digital photogrpahy equipment---does a project like this really need $35k?

And then Robbie recognized that he hadn't read the Kickstarter and decided to do that so he could see where the money was going. $20k for printing costs, huh? Ouch.