In Defense of The Soft Machine’s Cut-Up Twisted Landscape

Column by David Cranmer
April 18, 2018
Challenged to defend the Beat Generation solely on "The Soft Machine", David Cranmer takes a look at the disorienting, kaleidoscopic briar patch that William S. Burroughs released in 1961.

Don't Go Back: Avoid Spinning Your Wheels on Old Stories

Column by Justin Hunter
April 17, 2018
While it's tempting to revisit old stories that never quite got off the ground, it can be harmful to your progress as a writer.

Speculation On The Upcoming Marvel Movies

Column by Peter Derk
April 16, 2018
What will the six unnamed Marvel movies be? We dunno. But we can make some good guesses. And some really, really bad ones.

The Three Times Your Novel is Finished

Column by Fred Venturini
April 13, 2018
Ask an author how long it took them to write a book, and the answer is always different. Here are three times a novel is finished, and how they each relate to author mindset.

My Failed Pokemon Go Book Proposal

Column by Christoph Paul
April 12, 2018
Learn how to write a non-fiction book proposal from my (failed) example.

Why Crime Authors Need to Stop Pretending They're Badasses

Column by Gabino Iglesias
April 11, 2018
Writing about crime makes you a criminal the same way talking about dieting helps you lose weight, and one of those things deserves more respect than the other.
Laying Down the Law: An Interview with Jeff Noon

Laying Down the Law with Jeff Noon

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky
April 11, 2018
The science fiction author talks "Noon's Laws", avant-pulp, and his new novel, "The Body Library".
Review "Unbury Carol" by Josh Malerman

"Unbury Carol" by Josh Malerman

Review by Christopher Shultz
April 10, 2018
The "Bird Box" author's latest novel is a wonderful and often horrifying blend of supernatural western and revisionist fairy tale.

Why We Still Love the Great Gatsby 93 Years Later

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
April 10, 2018
It’s been 93 years since "The Great Gatsby" was published, and it still captivates readers. Why has this story about a Long Island summer stood the test of time so well?

The Evolution of Brian Michael Bendis as A Writer

Column by Bart Bishop
April 9, 2018
From Luke Cage to Superman: As Brian Michael Bendis leaves Marvel for DC, we take a look back at his definitive run on "New Avengers".

One Year of Podcasting About Stephen King: A Retrospective

Column by Max Booth III
April 9, 2018
How podcasting helped this writer's anxiety issues.

11 Tips To Keep You Writing While Traveling

Column by Peter Derk
April 6, 2018
After 22 flights in 3 months, I've honed a few methods to keep you writing in transit.

AWP 2018 Round Up

Column by Christoph Paul
April 6, 2018
I Tabled, I Read, and I Tampaed.

The 8 Best Novels About Sports (But Not Really)

Column by Michael Nye
April 5, 2018
The contemporary sports novel really isn’t——and shouldn’t——be about sports.

­­Hurdles and a Pyramid: Plotting Your Short Story

Column by Joshua Isard
April 4, 2018
Make Freytag's Pyramid work for you, not the other way around.

Writing the Crime Scene: Blood

Column by Repo Kempt
April 4, 2018
A guide to writing realistic crime and horror fiction when your manuscript involves blood.

How I Revitalized my Reading Life Through Structure and Rules

Column by Karis Rogerson
April 3, 2018
A long-time reader finds a way to refresh her reading life.
Elle Nash, Interview, Tom Spanbauer

Elle Nash On Writing As A Parent, Tom Spanbauer's Basement, and Her New Novel 'Animals Eat Each Other'

Interview by Rob Hart
April 3, 2018
Elle Nash discusses her debut, in which a girl with no name embarks on a fraught three-way relationship with Matt, a satanist and a tattoo artist, and his girlfriend Hannah, a new mom.

Genius Works of Art: How Are Masterpieces Made?

Column by Annie Neugebauer
April 2, 2018
Are masterpieces built step by step, or are they executed in a bolt of inspiration? A look at 3 case studies: Eminem’s “Lose yourself,” Michelangelo’s David, & Mark Z. Danielewski’s 'House of Leaves'.

How 'The Westing Game' Inspired 'Ready Player One' Thirty Years Later

Column by Meredith Borders
March 30, 2018
"The Westing Game" turns thirty this year, and it just so happens to be the inspiration behind this month's biggest blockbuster.

20 Places to Submit Your Speculative Short Stories

Column by Annie Neugebauer
March 29, 2018
Twenty markets to submit your speculative short stories to. Professional pay + open now/soon. Options for fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more!

Research Isn't Writing

Column by Justin Hunter
March 28, 2018
Research is important, but you don't want to become a researcher. Learn how to research as a writer instead of writing as a researcher.

8 Cliché Narratives I Want More Of

Column by Gabino Iglesias
March 27, 2018
Every article on writing advice tells us to avoid clichés. Now I'm here to tell you which clichés rock and why I want more of them.

Feck You, You Fecking Feck: The Plays of Martin McDonagh

Column by Max Booth III
March 27, 2018
Aye, he's also a playwright.

10 Literary Holidays We Desperately Need

Column by Peter Derk
March 26, 2018
Because it's Make Your Own Holiday Day, we did. A bunch of 'em, in fact.