Rob Hart Crowdsources An Interview for His Food Noir Collection

Rob Hart Crowdsources An Interview for His Food Noir Collection And Settles The 'Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich' Debate

Interview by Rob Hart
January 15, 2019
'Take-Out' hits stores today, so Rob asked a bunch of people on social media to ask him questions. Some of them were very clever and thoughtful. Some... not so much.

Instead of Joining a Book Club This Year, Subscribe To a Literary Podcast

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
January 14, 2019
Make it your New Year's Resolution to find and read more books through the literary world's secret weapon: podcasts.

Storyville: Method Writing

Column by Richard Thomas
January 10, 2019
What is method writing, and how can it help breathe authenticity into your work?

10 Novels Featuring Edgar Allan Poe As A Character

Column by Christopher Shultz
January 9, 2019
In honor of Poe's 210th birthday, we take a look at ten different fictional takes on the troubled literary figure.

Give Me Fewer Resolutions and More Hustle

Column by Gabino Iglesias
January 8, 2019
Your career is in your hands. Make sure you take care of it.

The 'Narrow Your Horizons' Reading Challenge

Column by Peter Derk
January 7, 2019
Are you tired of people telling you what and how to read? Sick of so-called reading challenges that don't care about your feelings? Bad reading challenges are the sickness. We've got the cure.

New Year, New Queue: Taming that TBR

Column by Annie Neugebauer
January 4, 2019
Whether you use Goodreads, a notebook, a holds system, or just stacks of books, here are some organization tips to cut the clutter and find those books you really want to get to soon.

Dialogue: The Number One Mistake Newbie Writers Make

Column by Susan DeFreitas
January 3, 2019
There's no lack of online advice about how to write dialogue in fiction. But there’s one issue I see over and over in the dialogue of newbie writers, and I have yet to find one post that tackles it.

How to Set Writing Goals for 2019 — the Right Way

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
January 2, 2019
How will you set your writing goals this year to make sure that you actually achieve them? By following these five steps.

Exploring the Literary References of Silent Hill

Column by Michael David Wilson
January 1, 2019
The Silent Hill video game series references way more literature than you probably noticed (or thought possible). We give you the lowdown. Welcome to Silent Hill.

Book vs. Film: "Bird Box"

Column by Christopher Shultz
December 28, 2018
How does Susanne Bier's Netflix film stack up to Josh Malerman's debut novel?

7 Ways to Turn Your Writing Resolutions into Realities

Column by Gabino Iglesias
December 27, 2018
The new year is almost here and you want to make it your best writing year yet. Here's how you can help make that happen.

Storyville: What the 'Best Horror of the Year' Anthology Can Teach Us

Column by Richard Thomas
December 26, 2018
There is a lot we, as authors, can learn by reading the Best Horror of the Year anthology.

What Writers REALLY Want for the Holidays

Column by Annie Neugebauer
December 23, 2018
What do writers REALLY want for the holidays? A group of 11 authors share their honest answers, sneakily publishing their wish lists whilst giving you great ideas for the writers in your life. ;)

Book vs. Film: 'Die Hard'. Plus An End To The Christmas Movie Debate

Column by Peter Derk
December 21, 2018
'Die Hard': A terrible book, great movie, and raging Christmastime debate.

The Most Anticipated Film & TV Adaptations of 2019

Column by Max Booth III
December 20, 2018
New Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and others.

When Calvin Met Hobbes: Calvin and Hobbes' Most Memorable Christmases

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
December 20, 2018
What better way to get in the holiday spirit than revisiting the adventures of precocious six-year-old Calvin and his anthropomorphic stuffed tiger, Hobbes?

5 Gifts NOT To Get That Special Writer In Your Life: A Guide

Column by Steph Post
December 19, 2018
A somewhat cynical guide: what to avoid buying a writer for the holidays.

Wait, 'A Christmas Story' Was A Book?

Column by Peter Derk
December 18, 2018
The tale of Jean Shepherd and his Christmas reminiscences is weird and wonderful.

20 Ghost and Horror Stories for Christmas

Column by Michael David Wilson
December 18, 2018
'Tis the season to scare the shit out of yourself and others... or something like that. With that in mind, here are 20 horror stories for Christmas.

8 Weird And Wonderful Books To Give This Holiday Season

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
December 17, 2018
Give the splendid humans in your life something they'll truly enjoy this holiday season!

LitReactor Staff Picks: The Best Books of 2018 - Part III

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
December 14, 2018
Submitted for your approval (or derision): Members of the LitReactor staff offer up their favorite reads, old and new, of 2018.

A Non-Snarky Guide to Getting Your NaNoWriMo Draft into Shape

Column by Annie Neugebauer
December 13, 2018
NaNoWriMo-ers, congratulations! You survived November! Whether you “won” or just wrote more than usual, you now have an at least partially-completed manuscript waiting for you. So… What now?

10 Books to Gift Your Enemies

Column by Gabino Iglesias
December 12, 2018
For some reason you have to buy a gift for someone you hate. Well, here's a list to help you with that.

17 Books You MUST Own To Enjoy

Column by Peter Derk
December 11, 2018
A list of books that you really should own. Not to mention they make great gifts for book lovers.