Ask Nick: Publishing 201 — What Do Editors Do All Day?

Column by Nick Mamatas, September 20, 2019
What do editors do all day? Not edit!

What Does It Really Take to Get a Book Published?

Column by Susan DeFreitas
September 19, 2019
Publishing a book is a bucket-list item for a whole lot of us. But what does it actually take to get published?

8 Writing and Researching Tools You Might be Ignoring

Column by Gabino Iglesias
September 18, 2019
When it comes to writing and research, some really useful tools are hiding in plain sight. Here's a list of my favorites.

Storyville: Pacing and Depth in Short Fiction vs. Novels

Column by Richard Thomas
September 17, 2019
Thoughts on the differences between novels and short stories, specifically when it comes to pacing and depth.

Book vs. Minisieries vs. Films: It - The Special Beverly Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz
September 16, 2019
You will never see sewer sex on the screen, and that's a good thing...but have the filmmakers replaced it with anything better?

Be Childish Because It’s Robert McCloskey’s Birthday

September 13, 2019
Timeless literature begins with the youngest readers.
Chuck Klosterman's "Raised In Captivity" Kills The Short Story

Chuck Klosterman's "Raised In Captivity" Kills The Short Story

Review by Peter Derk
September 12, 2019
A funeral for the traditional short story, presented to you as a Chuck Klosterman book.

Books That Are Feminist AF: Back-to-School Edition

Column by Susan DeFreitas
September 11, 2019
Finished with fluffy beach reads? Get schooled this fall with books that are feminist AF but just as fun.

Reality in Fiction: The Invisible Signature of Your Favorite Authors

Column by Fred Venturini
September 10, 2019
The role of real events in fictional stories is an unavoidable aspect of an author's signature voice—and even the authors themselves don't know where the line between the two is drawn.

Ten Problems Only Booksharks Have

Column by Gabino Iglesias
September 9, 2019
The term "bookworm" doesn't cut it anymore. Here are ten things only my fellow BOOKSHARKS will understand.

Sell Books, Get Noticed: Google Analytics for Authors

Column by Peter Derk
September 6, 2019
Data is power. Don't rage against the machine, use it.