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Hiram Wakes

Sarah Cannon
In a future where microbial life is a scarce commodity, Hiram Wakes is looking for his missing lady-friend, a fellow biologist. No good deed goes unpunished.

Servants of the Last Man

Aboard the decadent utopian planet-ship DOMINA PRIME, mankind has quite happily gone extinct. The programs left behind must find a way to honor their departed masters. 

The Human Argument

C Patrick Neagle
"The Human Argument" takes place in a future America where overcrowding on the mainland has resulted in the creation of Artificial Island Cities (AICs) in the Gulf of Mexico. In these...

Regulated Acts of Violence

Laura Keating
For almost thirty years HotTrots has allowed law abiding citizens LIKE YOU to see the world. Contestants will see the WORLD beyond their Ward – practically risk free! Travelling in the...

Ms. Ishmael's Box

When retired teacher Ms. Ishmael is shot and killed by crossing guards on the front lawn of a local high school it's up to Det. Washington to find out why she refused to stop when challenged...

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Burnt Offerings Ben Currier March 1, 2013
Sea Butterflies Adrik Kemp March 1, 2013
Knowing Damien Powers Jacqueline Lucca March 1, 2013
Outsource Adam Soandso March 1, 2013
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It begins with quotation marks Corrigan James Moran March 1, 2013
Progenitor KellyDMurphy March 1, 2013
Confessions of a Radical Martin Gillespie March 1, 2013
Gravidism Mess_Jess March 1, 2013
One Tunguska Story Michael.Eric.Snyder March 1, 2013
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To the Dogs Nick March 1, 2013
R.F.I.D Lawrence March 1, 2013
The Horse With No Head James England February 28, 2013
An Incident at Winter House 12 Kate Bosco February 28, 2013
Paradisi: Or How Arsonists Learn To Blow Things Up With Their Minds Dan Newcomer February 28, 2013
Colony 24 desantism February 28, 2013
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