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Nick Becher
A man believes he has been possessed by demons after witnessing a cover up at a landfill in St. Louis, Missouri, rumored to be a site for dumping nuclear waste. This story is based on real events...

Apartment Hunters

Pro patria mori
Thank you for reading.


A 12 year old learns a couple hard lessons.

Naked Villainy

When Port Ellingham librarian and amateur sleuth Elizabeth Crump discovers the fingerless body of Reginald Appleby, the local newspaper editor, washed up on the beach, she is surprised to learn...

Jicama Jones and the Deadly Duct Tape Bandits

Larry Darling Jr.
An unexpected night on the town for a friendless freshman takes a shocking turn. Their spirit names won't save them from the repercussions of their poorly thought out performance art for the...

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The Quiet Detective madsmaddox June 2, 2014