Gayle Towell

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Five

This column explores the art of editing by providing detailed edits of reader-submitted paragraphs.
Gayle Towell

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Four

This column explores the art of editing by carefully analyzing paragraphs submitted by readers.
Susan DeFreitas

Six Tips for Troubleshooting the Novel

Every novel is a special snowflake, sure, but many go wrong in the same ways. An editor breaks down known issues at the level of plot, structure, and characterization she sees over and over again.
Emma McMorran Clark

Play It Again, Sam: Tackling the Rewrite

Sometimes the best way to tackle a revision is to just start over.
Gayle Towell

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Three

This monthly column explores writing craft by offering detailed edits of paragraphs submitted by readers.
Gayle Towell

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Two

This monthly column explores writing craft by offering detailed edits of paragraphs submitted by readers.
Gayle Towell

Edit My Paragraph!

This column illustrates editing techniques by offering detailed edits to paragraphs submitted by the readers.
Christine J. Schmidt

How To Break Up With Your First Draft

You're staying with your first draft for all the wrong reasons. It's time to break free and get to the story you were always meant to write!
Kelly Thompson

5 Reasons A Good Writing Group Can Save You

What can a good writing group do for you? Almost everything.
Jon Gingerich

Rejection: A Critical Device

Got a story that keeps getting turned down for publication? Here's how you can use industry rejection as a critical tool to improve your work.
Robbie Blair

Cut!: 4 Strategies for Trimming Your Content

Struggling to make effective cuts? This article walks you through four strategies for trimming, tightening, and focusing your work.
Robbie Blair

Organic Word-Growing: Why You Should Keep the Shit in Your Writing

In: Rewriting
A look at how accepting the crap you write during early drafts can both accelerate the writing process and feed your story.
Robbie Blair

8 Signs It's Time to Scrap Your Writing Project

8 warning signs that you may want to throw your latest manuscript under the lawnmower.
Erin Reel

The 3 Most Popular Editorial Services and Do You Need Them?

Writers have more professional support available to them now than ever before. Erin Reel, The Lit Coach, breaks down the 3 most popular editorial services, giving you the benefits, red flags and more.
Rob Hart

The Art of the Content Edit: 10 Ways To Make Sure You're Doing It Right

The proofreading phase is when a book gets pretty--but the content edit is when you really bring the story home. Here's how to do it right.
Jon Gingerich

Getting Over It, Getting It Out: On Embracing A Bad First Draft

Let's face it: the first draft of anything is going to be awful. That's okay. In fact, here's why it's encouraged.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: The Horror of Editing and Revision

It's been said that the difference between a good writer and a great writer is editing. So let's hop to it.
Chris Rosales

Transition As Metaphor

Incorporate these principles to not only transition smoothly from scene to scene, but to add a new layer of metaphor for the manipulation of meaning and theme.
Chris Rosales

Acting on the Fictional Stage: The Dramatic Method in Fiction

Harness The Dramatic Method For Character Action
Stephen Graham Jones


Know your weaknesses as a writer, and then cull them, fix them.
Max Barry

The First Draft

Max Barry shares his love/hate relationship with re-writing, and the importance of getting feedback on your initial drafts.
Rob Hart

Path to Publication Part 4: Mea Culpa

Looks like I got a little ahead of myself...
Rob Hart

The Path To Publication Part 3: When Is Done, Done?

In this installment, I discuss why I haven't been able to meet the self-imposed deadline I set for myself last month!
Jon Gingerich

The Art Of The Rewrite

A true rewrite is not just editing, proofing or copy-editing, but a complete re-imagining of the work. Here’s a four-part process to fortify writers with a successful re-writing plan that works.