Rob Hart

On Dialogue Tags: Why Anything Besides 'Said' And 'Asked' Is Lazy Writing

Expressive dialogue tags are the mark of lazy writing, because they break one of the cardinal rules--they tell instead of show. This is why 'said' and 'asked' are all you ever need.
Jon Gingerich

The Art Of The Rewrite

A true rewrite is not just editing, proofing or copy-editing, but a complete re-imagining of the work. Here’s a four-part process to fortify writers with a successful re-writing plan that works.
Craig Clevenger Photo

Night of the Living Syntax: Disembodied Action

In: Grammar
On giving your characters volition by making their actions deliberate, plus a handy postscript on the erroneous concept of the "passive verb." This essay originally appeared over at The Cult.
Stephen Graham Jones

This Is Not Oklahoma: OK vs. Okay

In: Craft, Grammar
This Is Not Oklahoma: OK vs. Okay. In the Age of the Laze Abbreviation, can we all just agree that it looks stupid?
Chuck Palahniuk

Names Versus Pronouns

How can you replace tired third-person pronouns with proper names without monotonous repetition? In this essay, Chuck challenges you to develop a whole range of names for each character and object in your fiction.