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rsullivan9597 from Michigan is reading Age of War March 15, 2018 - 3:08am

Hey there, I see most of the posts in this forum are pretty old so this may fall on deaf ears, but I thought I would try to post anyway. I'm Robin Sullivan, the wife and business manager of author Michael J. Sullivan. I recently joined LitReactor to take a class on grammar, and I thought as long as I'm here, I would offer to help people out regarding the very confusing world of professional publishing. To give you some perspective. I have...

  • been in publishing for more than a decade
  • worked with 3 agents over the course of Michael's careers
  • been involved in 3 big-five contracts, and dozens of smaller contracts (for everyting from audio to foreign language translations and even television and movie options)
  • run my own small press
  • self-publihsed 9 of Michael's novels
  • have succesfully negotiated for one of his self-pubished works to be picked up by a big-five publisher
  • have taught many business releated classes for Writer's Digest University and been a speaker at WD's annual conference
  • teach monthly business of writing courses in Arlington Virginia

As someone who has extensive traditional and self-publishing experience, I'd gladly answer any questions people may have.

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MattF from Tokyo is reading Borges' Collected Fictions March 16, 2018 - 3:56pm

I don't have anything specific, but did want to say thanks for dropping in and offering.

I am in the querying process on a first novel, and not getting the number of requests I would hope for. If you have any hard-earned insight or advice on that process, I would love to hear it. Otherwise, thank you again for coming around.