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Ghostword from Cornwall is reading 'The Core of the Sun' by Johanna Sinisalo April 18, 2013 - 8:54am

Hi everybody.  I submit reviews regularly to a website which is looking for more writers is technically a concatenation between science and SF as many of its regulars are into science.  It is a seasonal news and reviews site that has a certain profile with the European SF community.
The site is interested in having book reviews of old science fiction classics, the likes of  Asimov, Clarke, Shaw, Brunner and others that are still in print or have just been reprinted.  Amazon will have their details online and these publication details can go on the review.  While there is no payment, Concatenation is a top twenty Google / Bing site for searches on these phrases in quotes:
'science fact & science fiction'
'science fiction news'
'science fiction book reviews'
'European science fiction'  and other such search strings
Anyone interested in reviewing an old SF classic might want to get in touch.  To this, email the website by typing ‘info’ at [@] and then the website address.
The reviews are typically 500 – 1,000 words in length.  Publication details need to go at the top of the review. These are: Title (year first published / year of this reprint edition), reprinted edition publisher, £ (British Isles) price, format [pbk, trdpbk, or hrdbk],  printed page count pp, ISBN 978...  For further examples, see entries on the website.
So if you want to review a classic of SF, please submit.