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chris_diplacito from Fife, Scotland is reading Twilight by William Gay February 7, 2019 - 7:21am

I was late to the Woman in the Window party, having only just read it over the Christmas holidays.
I enjoyed the book. It was fun. A fast paced, well-oiled thriller. The plot was pretty damn tight, albeit a bit algorithmic. I went back and reread it, taking notes to help further my own plotting and pacing skills.

Then I found out about the AJ Finn / Daniel Mallory pseudonym and I have to admit I was more than a little sceptical about the whole William Morrow deal.

I went on to read and listen to some of Mallory's interviews post TWITW and I couldn't shake the feeling that something seemed a little off. I couldn't put my finger on it but the guy seemed to constantly be putting on an act. But then again writers often ham it up a bit on their book tours. And hey, maybe it was just the struggling writer in me showing a little jealousy towards the book's global domination and author's success. Sour grapes right?

And then I read the New Yorker piece this week...

Wow! The man has walked straight out of his beloved Patricia Highsmith novels!

It certainly makes for an entertaining story, and it could be argued that the book still stands on its own. However in an industry that is almost impenetrable - for minorities, women, writers of colour, writers who don't have the connections - then surely Mallory must be held accountable for his deceptions?

Would be interesting to hear other thoughts.