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Alan H Jordan from Reno, Nevada is reading "The Whisper Jar" and "The World Beneath" December 11, 2013 - 5:25pm

I found LitReactor through this course, so I think it is only fair to post a return link to The Future of Story Telling.

It's free, and it's full of valuable information.  It is concerned with storytelling in general, not just in books.

The course is well along, but there's still two days to join, and once you join, you can go at your own pace.

From the FAQs:

How much does it cost me to take part?
Our MOOC is free of charge for anyone interested worldwide. However, how much of your free time you invest is up to you.

When will this course start?
This MOOC will start on October 25th, 2013 and run for eight weeks until December 20th, 2013.

Can I still enroll?
Yes, you can. Enrollments are possible until Dec 13th. All content will be available here for at least 1 year.

What does MOOC stand for?
It means "Massive Open Online Course".

What does this course consist of?
The course is based on recorded video lectures, quizzes and creative tasks that will be online from October 25th here on our course website on From October 25th onwards, a new video lecture will be launched every Friday for 8 weeks at 10am CET. If you're enrolled this means: you'll be able to access the videos from then on for at least the 8 following weeks, not just at 10am.

How much time will I need to participate?
From just watching the video lessons (about 20-60 min per week) to engaging in discussions and tasks (about 2-4 hours per week), exploring our reading list and even presenting your own current projects via essays or video link on our Facebook page, your involvement is entirely up to you. The more you engage yourself, the more you gain.

Will there be graded assignments?
There will be weekly homework (Creative Tasks) that you are very well invited but not obliged to do to complete this course. There will be no graded/peer-graded assessments/exams. Our aim is to inspire, give input and offer a stage to discuss and work together with many others who share the passion for storytelling. So: What you make out of it, how much you get involved, is up to you.

Is this course only available in English?
Yes, for now. Due to technical and production time restrictions, we will only be able to offer this first MOOC in ONE language. As English is the language most applying students here share, we decided to go for it. However, we are looking for options to make this course available in other languages.

My written English is not that good. Can I still participate in the tasks?
Of course! Although language is an important part of storytelling in general, great works have been created without even a single audible word (e.g. silent movies). We are working on making our tasks as language-independent as possible. Good grammar and spelling skills are not the only key to succeeding in this course.

How much time do I have to complete the tasks?
Most tasks are designed to help you experiment with storytelling. They are useful for YOU whenever you do them. To make them count for the course, however, tasks given usually can be worked on for a week and they are due the following Friday, again 10am CET.

How can I connect with other students?
You can visit our Facebook-Page (no FB-account necessary to read and see all posts) and/or use #storymooc at Twitter to connect with other StoryMOOCers. Also: Feel free to create your own meeting spots/blogs (that you are most comfortable with) if you want.

Will there be a second edition/run of this course?
Not for now. Although we would love to create and host a so-to-speak "2nd season" of this MOOC, there are no definite plans yet. This experience will therefore be unique for now.

What do I do if I have questions that are not answered here?
If you have technical questions concerning the iversity-platform/enrollments, please have a look at the 

If you have any more questions concerning the content of our course or great ideas you want to share: You can always post on our Facebook-Page and ask the community in case our team is not available. Once the course starts, additional discussion options go live right here on the course page.