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I think ultamately I decided on this term to describe my work, it crosses over with fiction, Post Romance (more on that in a bit), and Psychological Horror. The focus is on the romantic pairings with women who were what the Victorians called Youthful Borgias. Or children who commit murder.

In my own, I take it a step further, and make their guillotine execution carried from the get go. The novel focuses on the romance that led up to that point, and how the female MC who had fallen in love with them views their own reality afterward.

Mine crosses over with Steampunk, where an alternate history sets the stage for what I term Guillotine Western, which is a bit beyond this scope.

I have personal reasons for writing such a book, but I'll leave that your imagination. Let's just keep in short and say I have one mean crush on French murderesses from the early to late 19th century and leave it at that.

It also isn't exclusive to Lesbian and LGBT, Elfen Lied is an excellent example of Borgianesque with more leanings toward Pychological science fiction. But the elements get to fantastic to truly represent my own picture: historical murderesses in a futuristic setting.

What makes this psychological science fiction subset different, is less fictional murderesses and more highly autobiographical and biographical elements done in a weird way--psychologically broken writers pairing up with historical ex Youthful Borgias.

I'll need to see where Hemato Tomato: Bloodlust goes from here. Since it can be found on Wattpad, I won't bother with a link.

What are you thoughts, does anyone else write this sort of thing?

Also any classic novel example? Female murderers is the key here, ideally French, though I can deal with a Lizzie Borden historical novel I guess. Don't think any of those are classics though.

Edit: OK a better ending, I owe it for Anna-Marie Boeglin. I do have a soul you know, I just don't call it a soul. But I'm getting bored with complete downers.

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Dwayne from Cincinnati, Ohio (suburbs) is reading books that rotate to often to keep this updated July 25, 2016 - 1:31pm

Guillotine Western

Write more about that.

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Just one second then ...

The United States permanently changed after the American Revolution, to allow for France to take control of the Americas instead of Britain. This created implied changes in the legal system that allowed for thing like the Guillotine (Widow in France) to be refined and mass manufactured to the point of being hand held like your typical knife gun.

Protagonists are usually outlaws on the edge of society, who are constantly at risk of courting the wrong crowd, including dating girls who turn out later to be parracidal murderesses. They attract societies ire as people who are willing to give love to the unloveable.

Based on a very specific rough patch in my early teens, but only loosely. The rest takes influence from French murderesses and very light Cyberpunk.

That's part of why having almost 1,000 views on Simply Pace compared to Twenty Three Decades doesn't surprise me all that much. In the bigger picture I wasn't:

  1. Trying to experiment with form to much, utilizes some books with different voice patterns than others.
  2. The protagonist was a considerably better person, even though Pace is still broken enough to have attempted suicide before attaining immortality.
  3. Wasn't trying to combine Middle Grade, Young Adult, and New Adult into a thematic pattern about the decline of childhood innocense and the birth of cynicism.

It was also less clear how anti-capital punishment I am. Now I seem to get more fans, but more drops in twitter followers. But it's like every time I lose 10, twenty seem o take their place.

Twitter isn't a reliable place to assume anything though, as a lot of people there, to be absolutely blunt, are overly defensive shitheads.

Knights And Inner Space, Guillotine Western, Borgianesque, and New Mainstream are all basically variances of the core Cyberpunk sub-genre: Satanic Cyberpunk.

The best comparison to Satanic Cyberpunk would be like Christian themed science fiction, except from an atheistic Satanic perspective.

Simply Pace was less blatantly Satanic.

Hemato Tomato: Bloodlust, while part of the Uploaded Fairy Saga, was written recently and stylistically more like Beyond The Dreamer's Edge--highly autobiographical, usually a criticism of the dark aspect of my own human nature.

Don't worry about me being Satanist, it's The Satanic Temple. Very different from Church Of Satan. It helps LGBT causes.

And later I'll be expanding that into suicide-prevention and low economic criminality risk assessment among young adults geared toward removing youth from cults and so forth.

As a cult survivor, I have an emotional vested interest in that.

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So I don't expand on previous posts to the point of confusion, Twenty Three Decades is almost finished. I just need to edit it a little more.

This is generational punk, approaching the nature of childhood being cyclical in nature, being undervalued in earlier time periods, and how society is gradually returning to their pre-Victorian childhood roots in one hundred years in the future.

The concept of teenage execution, the implications thereof, as well as the suicide rate among immigrant populations is introduced in a world that gradually comes to no longer value the innocuous.

I would say it goes treats punk sub-genres as eras of human history.