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electric_symphony November 20, 2016 - 12:46pm

Hi, I'm Christina, and I've decided -- after a good year and a half or so of wandering, stalking and just plain lazing about on the site -- to actually dedicate myself to trying this. I write pretty infrequently as my muse and inspiration is incredibly fickle and the pathological perfectionism certainly doesn't help. I get discouraged easily when something doesn't come the way I envision it, which is the main cause for the infrequent nature of the writing, but I really want to break through this. I love the writing process and especially character building and analysis, but I'm an instant-gratification kind of person by nature, which leaves me frustrated more often than not.

I have a novel idea that I've started fleshing out and writing bits and pieces of and I want to actually resolve to pushing harder at it and making a serious effort towards progress. If only I could get past those other pesky things known as responsibilities.

I also self-identify as a TV fanatic, a political nut, a neuroscience enthuiast, a mental health advocate and source of counsel, a textbook loving freak, an American History buff who doesn't consider themselves a very good patriot, and the most passionate hockey fan you'll ever meet.

Tell me things about you guys too, because I'm a crazy stalker who is way too interested in the minutiae of lives of people she doesn't even know. :D

I'm glad to be here. :)


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Jose F. Diaz from Boston is reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel November 20, 2016 - 3:20pm

Welcome to the pit.

I'm in an MFA at UMass Boston, I write fiction. So. that's it. That's all there is to me.

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Thuggish from Vegas is reading Day of the Jackal November 20, 2016 - 9:32pm


So, pro tip, since you mentioned... Not that I'm a pro, but pros say this: keep writing.

Sometimes things come out shitty the first time, that's what revision is for. Sometimes it's not what you envisioned, that's what revision is for. Or not. The muse is a lie, it's as real as the tooth fairy.

Keep writing!


PS there's more to Jose, don't let him fool you.

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smithreynolds from Spokane, WA USA is reading The writing on the wall. November 21, 2016 - 8:40am

Hi Christina. gail here. self identify as "smitty". I write full time now because I am old, not to put too fine a point on it. Rent is still the same as always, but I eat less and spend less on debauchery so I can afford to sit and write.

I usually hang out in the Writer's Workshop, but I'm giving that a break. I still read stuff there, but don't critique right now.

I'm taking the "Gutter Opera" class, at the moment. Glad to be there and have the luxury of doing that.

I love Jose, and Thuggish is growing on me, so I hope you enjoy the amenities. Welcome. gsr

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Thuggish from Vegas is reading Day of the Jackal November 21, 2016 - 10:25am

aw, you're too sweet.

is "self-identify" really becoming a phrase people use now? seems redundant.

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electric_symphony November 21, 2016 - 10:27pm

Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. I'm sure there's more to Jose than he's letting on, but I'm sure I'll crack that eventually. A challenge is always good fun, anyway. ;)

Thuggish, I appreciate the words of (non-pro) wisdom. For as much as I know (which is little), they're definitely true, and I'll keep that in mind.

Gail, I think breaks from anything you've been heavy on is always a good thing. Gives you a better perspective when you come back, I think, and some time to breathe. How are you liking the class? I'm considering doing a class on editing at some point, whenever they have a new one. I think I could definitely benefit from it, but I've never taken an online course of anything, so I'm not quite familiar with the logistics.

Also: I think usually what self-identify is supposed to mean is that you're not generally identified by these things by an objective viewpoint, but you view yourself as those things. Yeah, though, the general meaning of identify and the wording of it does make it sound a little redundant, now that you say it.

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Jose F. Diaz from Boston is reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel November 22, 2016 - 1:02am

When I think of identity, or self-identity, I always consider it "in relation to" different objects, people, systems. 

My identity in regards to afrofuturism; my identity in regards to feminism; my identity in regards to deconstructionism; and so on. My identity in regards to you, or you. 

Then, look for the negative space. What don't I identify as in regards to the same.

Then, if you want, you can take it into dual-consciousness, how the world views me, and how I view the world. You can take it into triple-consciousness, how the world views me outside of my system, how I view myself outside my system ... AND within. Quadruple consciousness, once removed, from that system, what happens if you are once again removed from where you find yourself. If that's a little confusing, think of a person from Africa, forced into slavery. They have, at that time, a dual consciousness. Now, they are brought to America. They are now outside of their regular system. Then, have them rejected by that new system. How would you identify then? Especially if the initial system also rejects you. 

That is how we begin to understand the improbability of understanding alien races. They have a way of being outside of our world, but now located in our world, and they have a self identity that isn't us, but is no longer separate. They are now a part of our consciousness. They would have a language, technology, history, that is not US, but we would consider them only in relation to knowing ourselves. If we don't know ourselves, how can we say they are not a part of our system.....

Anyway, welcome to identity politics.

Oh, and none of this applies to me. I have no depth. I'm a shallow human being. A mirage. 

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susan in New Zealand from Wellington New Zealand via Brooklyn New York is reading Grace Paley and Helen Garner November 22, 2016 - 1:07am

Hi all

About me - New to this, roaming around and exploring - this looked like the link most recent.

About me.  Once worked, now don't - not broken, just unemployed.

Gardening (aka weeding), quilting, reading, laughing, enjoying, trying to include writing as a habit in the list without giving up any of the other stuff ,and some debauchery.

Oh yes almost forgot I live in Wellington, a city that just experienced a 7.8 shake and over 2000 afterhocks - most of which were negligible  - possibly by comparison.

Looking forward to reading you all. 

Susan (in New Zealand)


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Jose F. Diaz from Boston is reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel November 22, 2016 - 1:23am

Aloha Susan (in New Zealand).

Welcome to the pit.

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Kedzie from Northern California is reading The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien November 22, 2016 - 3:04am

Hi Christina,

Hi Susan,

I'm Kedzie.

By way of introduction, I used to drive a chicken truck. Dead chickens, not live ones.

Dead chickens stink. It's a stench like the Union Stockyards on steroids, or the smell of a rendering plant in New Jersey. It gets down deep into your pores until you can't shower it off. You can't date because you smell so bad, even after a shower. There's no internet (hadn't yet been invented) so whadda ya do? You play hockey. Everybody smells like dead chicken at the rink. Even Connor McDavid.


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smithreynolds from Spokane, WA USA is reading The writing on the wall. November 22, 2016 - 9:46am

Christina. Just got week two assignment in my class. Week one was intense. Two will probably be more so. It suits me to be up to my eyeballs and drowning in the immediate work of others, the now work, not recycled stuff, but what people are writing right now...I love that...so the class is being vulnerable  and being safe at the same time. Great place to be, for awhile, and a luxury.

Dressing every day is redundant, and showering. I try to do both. I think I'm into "smitty' at the moment because I miss my Dad. And because it is in its own way an anonymous moniker. I have stuck myself out there like a great big hitch hiker thumb, you know the one from the Tom Robbins novel. "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"  

Susan. Glad to have you here too.  I look forward to the work you bring. The ground under my feet is not shaking. I'm spoiled rotten. May you be spoiled for awhile as well.--smitty___


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Thuggish from Vegas is reading Day of the Jackal November 22, 2016 - 11:31am

Wow, Jose's going all deep and shit...

I like the simple approach: I'm me. Fuck everyone else.

Also, pretty sure identity politics are stupid.


Also, Gail, dressing every day isn't redundant, it's routine and (the opposite of redundant...) necessary Hopefully.


Hi susan in New Zealand! Where you from?