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bellyvomit March 9, 2017 - 12:32pm

I remember a book, but have the Angel walk series stuck in my head.  Every time I tell about or reminisce about this story, I tear up.
One part of the book dealt with an angel, who could of course, hear what animals were thinking.
One story, or angel observing, discussed a dog, who did not feel ice he was appreciated, loved, or receiving attention, b/c of a young child taking up most of the parent’s time.
At one point, a blizzard hit, or big snow storm and the parent’s wren busy doing other things and the child got lost in the back yard, the fields.  The parents, did not know how long since they lost him.
They began screaming for the child, but there was no answer, so they started walking through the deep snow.  After awhile, the father, kicked or walked into the dog, who was buried by the snow, and as he bent down to check on the dog, he noticed the dog had wrapped himself or herself around the child to keep them warm in the deep snow.  The parents were obviously excited and picked up their child and began hurrying back to their home.
Then the father realized he had left the dog shivering in the snow and turned around and picked him up.  The dog thought to himself, "Do you love me? Do you love me now?"

If anyone remembers this story or has a tool that might help find the title of this boo, I would appreciazttte it.