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AliceCla from Canberra May 10, 2017 - 1:48am

Being a freelance writer is not just a walk in the park. It is appealing because of its advantages over being employed in an 8-hour office job. Because of its rewards, there is tough competition so it is crucial to make yourself stand out.
As a freelance writer, you should be able to be a good salesman; you are the product. You must create, enhance and sell your product very well for you to succeed. Follow these 5 tips for you to shine in the world of freelance writing.

1. Be unique

You cannot afford to be a copycat in the world of freelancing; in fact, it is illegal. It is forbidden for you to just copy the written work of others. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers to test if your piece is really original. Every thought must come from you. If you have to quote other sources, you have to give proper credit.
Capitalize on your distinctive experiences, thoughts and ideas. Nobody has been through what you have been. Readers can learn from that. Share the lessons you learned throughout your lifetime. Write about your perception of current events, philosophies and principles. No one sees things the same way as you do.

2. Never Stop Learning

Eleanor Brown said, “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” You have to continually refill your mind with knowledge so you have something to extract from when you write. It would be very difficult if not impossible to write without continuous learning.
There are various resources you can use to sharpen your mind and writing skills. You should be an avid reader and an inquisitive learner. Read as much as you can on the topics you need to write about. Learn from different sites on how to improve as a freelance writer.
Learn from anyone and anywhere. Always find ways to gain knowledge. No matter how long you have been in your field or how old you are, there will always be something new to learn.
3. Give Attention to Details
A good freelance writer should be very keen to details. Make sure to scrutinise all your works character by character. Be mindful of the structure and the blend of words. Triple check your written outputs for spelling and grammatical errors.
Some errors can be overlooked so it is best to have someone rather than you to check your work. After the deadline is a site to help you check for the details so your output will look professional and polished in no time.

4. Take Full Advantage of These Amazing Tools.

Thanks to the brilliant minds behind these sites freelance writing is no longer as hard as it used to be. Achieve the best out of your freelancing career by getting all the help you can get starting with these incredible sites:
As a freelance writer, you are often paid by word so it is important to keep track of how many words you have written. This site counts all the words, characters and paragraphs for you.  It also allows you to find out the keyword density of your article, another important feature in an online writer’s job.
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This tool will enable you to improve your articles fast. Being able to work quickly is an asset for a freelance writer. With this instrument, you do not need to waste time editing and polishing. It will be your partner in finishing all your projects on time.
After the Deadline
As I mentioned in number four, attention to details is imperative for your outputs. This tool will check your work for spelling, grammar and structure errors. It will allow you to focus on the creative side of writing because the technical part will be done by the site.

5. Be Resilient

Lastly, you must never give up. There is tough competition so you may experience rejection more times than you want to. But remember, even brilliant masterpieces like Harry Potter were rejected many times before they were finally published. So don’t despair when you are not given the break or projects you want.
Keep on building your portfolio. Keep on honing your skills. Do not stop writing and eventually you will find victory in the sweet world of writing. 
Freelancing is not for everyone. It takes discipline to control your time and be your own boss. There will be tough challenges but the rewards are worthwhile if you do not give up. If you are really passionate about it, you will eventually find your way.
Remember and apply the 5 tips mentioned above and surely success will be yours. Keep in mind that you have to let your personality stand out, continually learn and be detail oriented. Explore and take advantage of tools in the web to improve your work. And of course, do not give up!