Storyville: Creating Tension in Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
How do you create tension in your fiction? Here are some tips.

Writers + Cats = Purrfection

Column by Annie Neugebauer
May 29, 2018 (2) comments
Writers rock. Cats rock. Together? No brainer. But really, what is it with writers and cats? Why the long-standing obsession?

Meet the Reviewers Keeping Indie Lit Alive

Column by Max Booth III
May 25, 2018 (1) comments
We're spotlighting some of our favorite indie book reviewers.

Project Redlight: Part 2

Column by David James Keaton
May 24, 2018 (3) comments
The continuing adventures of David James Keaton in the screen(writing) trade.

4 Mary Shelley Facts You Might Not Have Known

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
May 23, 2018 (3) comments
In the run-up to the release of the new Mary Shelley film starring Elle Fanning, we look a little closer at some of the lesser-known facts surrounding the life and work of the "Frankenstein" author.

Project Redlight: Part I

Column by David James Keaton
One man's adventures in the screen(writing) trade.

Make Your Characters More Interesting With Lies

Column by Peter Derk
Ask yourself: When's the last time I had one of my characters tell a real whopper?

11 of the Best Indie Horror Presses

Column by Gabino Iglesias
May 18, 2018 (1) comments
There is a lot of great horror out there, and most of it is coming from indie presses. Here are some that need to be on your radar.

Putting Together a Literary Magazine

Column by Christoph Paul
Putting together a literary magazine isn't as hard as it sounds. It's even kind of fun.

Books About Mental Illness are Important, Especially if You Have One

Column by Karis Rogerson
One mentally ill writer and reader on why books that mirror her experiences are so important.