Feedback Loop: Revisiting Autobiographical Fiction

Column by Taylor Houston
December 3, 2018 (6) comments
In which Taylor revisits her 2012 article about autobiographical fiction and nearly twists herself into a knot trying to explain what the hell she actually meant, if anything...

6 Reasons We Still Love L.M. Montgomery's "Anne of the Green Gables" 110 Years Later

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
Since its publication 1908, Lucy Montgomery’s "Anne of Green Gables" has been adapted countless times around the word. Here are a few reasons why this Canadian classic is here to stay.

Storyville: Finding Hope in Dark Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
November 29, 2018 (2) comments
It's possible to put hope in your dark fiction, quite possibly leading to a more satisfying experience.

8 Conventions For Horror Writers in 2019

Column by Max Booth III
If you're wondering what this article is about, read the title again.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Religion in Your Fiction

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Religion is a huge part of life. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't ignore it in your fiction.

The 7 Very Best Scenes from C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
From Lucy's first discovery to Aslan's last battle, The Chronicles of Narnia is full of incredible scenes. That's why for C.S. Lewis's 120th birthday, we're going to look back on one from each book.

LitReactor's 2018 Black Friday For Readers And Writers

Column by Peter Derk
It's not crass consumerism if you shop while daintily sipping tea.

Celebrate Wolfenoot With These 10 Unique, Subversive Werewolf Novels

Column by Christopher Shultz
Why be another snout in the pack on Black Friday when you can stay home and honor the Spirit of the Wolf with meat, cake, and these werewolf books?

Gobble, Gobble: Exploring the Turkey Lit Genre

Column by Max Booth III
November 21, 2018 (1) comments
Where are all the Thanksgiving books?

Dear Mr. Gaiman: Why I Can't Re-Read Sandman

Column by Peter Derk
For Neil Gaiman's birthday: an apology, a thank you, another, unrelated apology, and a question about the value of memory.