Neglected Books: 'On Moral Fiction', 'The Mismeasure of Man' and 'The Man Who Died'

Column by Phil Jourdan
October 12, 2011 (9) comments
Moral fiction, IQ phoniness, and Jesus-themed erotica: Books you should rediscover soon.

Which P.O.V Is Right For Your Story?

Column by Jon Gingerich
October 12, 2011 (3) comments
A list of the different modes of point of view, with a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Submit Yourself: A Submissions Calendar is a Smart Idea

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen
October 11, 2011 (9) comments
A submissions calendar is a smart idea, but it helps to know where to submit and who's accepting each month. In this column we break it all down for you, one month at a time.

Ask The Lit Coach: "Is It Possible To Get An Agent Or Book Publishing Deal Based Only On A Few Short Stories?" and More

Column by Erin Reel
October 10, 2011 (6) comments
Pitching a book series and the strength of an author's portfolio are the subjects of this week's Ask The Lit Coach.

The Case for eBook Self-Publication

Column by Paul Graham Raven
October 7, 2011 (15) comments
A hyperbolic exercise in Devil's advocacy for electronic publication.

Cavalcade Of Literary Jerks: Part 1

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
October 7, 2011 (28) comments
Yes they are all esteemed authors. Yes they've published some important works. And yes, they're all jerks. Join us in celebrating the Top 10 literary jerks of all time.

Book vs. Film: Winter's Bone

Column by Tina Estlin Page
October 6, 2011 (8) comments
There’s something moving under, under the ice.

Cliche, the Literary Default

Column by Jon Gingerich
October 5, 2011 (8) comments
Stories start from a default position of cliché: readers go into stories with expectations, and if too many are fulfilled the spell is broken. So, how do writers engage when the odds are against them?

The Top 10 DC Comics Relaunch Titles

Column by Jason Van Horn
October 4, 2011 (14) comments
Which of the 52 new DC titles are worth your time, money, and emotional investment?

Contents Unchanged: Don't Judge A Book By Its Packaging

Column by John Jarzemsky
October 3, 2011 (13) comments
An examination of the cultural backlash against eReaders and how books are changing (and remaining the same) in the post-bookstore world of digital content delivery.