Dispatch From the Querying Trenches (Part IV): We Did It, Joe!

Column by Karis Rogerson
After 10 years of trying, Karis Rogerson has an agent! Here are some reflections.

6 Short Books to Get You Out of a Reading Rut

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Hearing the siren call of books, but can't get past your reading rut? Here are six non-toxic approaches to easing back into your reading habit.

Storyville: The Pros and Cons of Prologues

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Some thoughts about prologues—what works, when to use them, and when to avoid them.

Horror Mechanics: What Are They, How Do They Terrify, and Where They Go Wrong

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No, not dudes in jumpsuits that work in a haunted auto body shop. I'm talking about the nuts and bolts of scares.

Does Writing Fiction Make You More Empathetic?

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Science has proven that reading makes you more empathetic. But does writing?

A Ranking of Literary Parents

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In literature, parents are as diverse as they are in real life.

On Leaving Social Media

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Thoughts from writers who have left social media to focus on mental health and creativity.

We Go On: The Miracle of Perseverance

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LaRocca discusses the bleakness behind his debut novel, and why it's so important.

ChatGPT Is A Menace

Column by Megan J. Kaleita
In a world where we are already fighting for scraps, I don’t know how any writer can feel positive about content production AI.

9 Queer YA Books to Help You Celebrate Pride

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Nine queer YA books Karis Rogerson has read and loved!