Book vs. Film: "The Stars At Noon"

Column by Christopher Shultz
The celebrated 1984 novel from Denis Johnson gets a modern-day makeover from filmmaker Claire Denis, but what was old becomes new again.

Yes, I Read The 111-Page Moms For Liberty Book Ban Document

Column by Peter Derk
The short review: It sucks. The longer, more thoughtful review: It REEEEEEAAAALLLLLY sucks.

9 Grammar Books You’ll Actually Enjoy Reading

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Polish your communication skills and put those grammar snobs to shame.

Finding Your Voice in the Age of AI

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The rise of ChatGPT and other AI creation tools has made finding, defining, and evolving your authorial voice indispensable and non-negotiable.

The Bitten Word: A Writing Exercise

Column by Roy Christopher
Because of the perils of plagiarism, in writing practice, riffing on the work of another is not widely accepted, but as in hip-hop, it can be quite fruitful.

Craft Books for Writers Who Hate Craft Books

A list of books to inspire, teach, and help us freely create.

The David Sedaris Publication Path

Column by Peter Derk
David Sedaris never submitted pieces to lit mags. David Sedaris never tried to find an agent. How did this dude get published?

Yes, I'll Sign Up For Your Author Newsletter

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Karis Rogerson loves newsletters—here's why!

Storyville: The Big Reveal—Adding Up to Ten

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The big reveal—adding up to ten.

The State of Book Bans in the US in 2023

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How do we counteract book bans in 2023? We speak to some experts.