Go Out to Dinner with These 7 Delicious Books

Column by Lisa Bubert
Miss going out to eat? Why not dine in with a good book? (Because really, you have no choice.)

Bullet Journaling: The Writer's New Best Friend

Column by Christopher Shultz
May 12, 2020 (2) comments
If you've ever struggled to keep on task throughout the day, especially when it comes to your writing, this method might be just what you need.

Trying to Juggle Writing AND Parenting? Authors Share Advice

Column by Annie Neugebauer
May 11, 2020 (1) comments
Parenting and writing are both full-time jobs. So how do you juggle both? Rob Hart, Cina Pelayo, Christopher Golden, Gemma Files, Paul Tremblay, and Sarah Read share their advice.

Writing Advice From Metal Songs

Column by Elle Nash
May 8, 2020 (1) comments
Take heed from these brutal overlords of shred and get back to work.

Horror Book Recommendations for Geminis

Column by Sadie Hartmann
The strongest attribute of Geminis is their duality, symbolized by the twins. This reading list will appease even the most fickle Gemini reader.

10 Hacks To Get The Most From Your eReader

Column by Peter Derk
You're not getting the best from your eReader. Yet...

Ask Nick: Publishing 201 — Do I Need to Attend Conventions or Conferences?

Column by Nick Mamatas
May 6, 2020 (2) comments
Short answer, "No, with a but." Long answer, "Also no, with a bigger but."

Book Promotion In The Age of Pandemic

Column by Rob Hart
May 4, 2020 (2) comments
Bookstores and libraries are closed. In-person gatherings are discouraged or banned. The media is in a tailspin. What's an author to do—especially if you just had a book come out?

10 Horror Novels You Should Not Try to Reinvent Unless You Are Awesome, Brave, and a Little Stupid

Column by Jay Wilburn
These 10 novels represent popular, important, or classic works of horror that might prove difficult for an author to reinvent, for a wide variety of reasons.

All Stories Are Existential

Column by Joshua Isard
April 30, 2020 (1) comments
The word existential may have, in some contexts, devolved into an epithet for things that seem deep or important, but that’s not really what it means.