Movies Are Not The Ultimate Form Of Books

Column by Peter Derk
November 13, 2019 (1) comments
Books are not the larval stage of stories that achieve their final form when they become movies.

5 Bestsellers That Started Out As NaNoWriMo Projects

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
So that your motivation doesn’t flag as we’re approaching mid-November, here's a reminder of five books written during NaNoWriMo that went on to become national bestsellers.

10 Movies I Wish Had Novelizations

Column by Gabino Iglesias
November 7, 2019 (2) comments
There are movies I love so much I wish someone turned them into novels so I could spend more time in the worlds they create.

Wild Speculation Regarding The New 'Hunger Games' Book

Column by Peter Derk
With the announcement of a new 'Hunger Games' book, it's time to do what internet fandom does best: speculate wildly!

Writing Dystopian Fiction When the World Is Going Mad

Column by Nick Kolakowski
Far-fetched, near future tales are seeming less and less far-fetched these days. How do you achieve the proper balance in your world building?

Anime Directors Whose Work Influenced "Cherry Blossom Eyes"

Column by S.T. Cartledge
S.T. Cartledge's work draws not only from the realm of bizarro, but the surreal influence of anime as well.

7 Great Books to Read for National Nonfiction Day

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
To help you get into the spirit of National Non-Fiction Day, here are 7 of the best — from heartbreaking memoirs to tech industry tell-alls.

20 Scary Stories For Halloween That You Can Read Online For Free

October 31, 2019 (1) comments
Happy Halloween! Today we're treating you with twenty scary stories to read this Halloween. FOR FREE.

Essential Slashers: The Foundations, Peaks, and Valleys of Modern Horror's Most Iconic Subgenre

Column by Fred Venturini
October 31, 2019 (1) comments
Fred Venturini selects the essential slasher films: the foundations of the subgenre, the best slasher films of all time, and the "so bad its good" picks to round out your next horror film marathon.

Giving ARCs Instead of Candy and Other Halloween Hacks for Writers

Column by Gabino Iglesias
October 30, 2019 (2) comments
There are many reasons why Halloween is the perfect time to be a writer. Here are some hacks to help you maximize the experience.